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      七年級作文500字 篇1


      Some people say, "I like warm spring because it is sunny, birds sing and flowers smell." Some people say, "I like hot summer because it is hot and the trees are green." Some people say, "I like cold winter because it is made of jade and snow." But I like cool autumn because it is high and cool in autumn and the autumn rain is continuous.


      Unconsciously, the scorching summer turned into the crisp autumn. Maybe you can't feel it, but as long as you go out for a walk, you can find that autumn is everywhere.


      On the street, people's clothes changed from vests and shorts to shirts and trousers. The leaves fell from green to yellow with the cool autumn wind and flew away in rolls. At last, only bare tree trunks stood there alone... But in the spring of the next year, they will grow new leaves and glow with new luster.


      In the garden of the community, the grass and flowers have withered, leaving only chrysanthemums standing proudly, emitting a fresh fragrance. The pine and cypress trees on both sides of the flower bed are still as green and straight as in spring. They add some color to the garden.

      在農田里,玉米、棉花等農作物都成熟了。放眼望去,整塊兒玉米地黃燦燦的一片,像是鍍上了一層金子,棉花白花花的,像是天上的云朵降在人間。今年又是一個豐收年。 www..cn

      In the farmland, corn, cotton and other crops have matured. Looking around, the whole piece of yellow corn seemed to be plated with gold, and the cotton was white, like the clouds in the sky falling on the earth. This year is another bumper year. WWW..CN


      Arriving at the orchard, every scene here shows that autumn is coming. Look, the apples on the apple tree are bright red, like shy little girls, quietly waiting to be picked. The persimmons on the persimmon tree are really big. They look like little lanterns. Standing under the tree, you can smell its honey like aroma. Look at the pomegranate, it may have been waiting for a while, with its mouth wide open, as if to say: "I'm ripe, take me off."


      Ah, beautiful autumn, you are not like spring, but rather spring. I really hope that time can stop and leave you forever.

      初一滿分作文500字 篇2


      A round head, a round face, bright eyes, and a flat nose make a lovely me. I am a small fan of books. As soon as I read a book, the whole world seemed to disappear, so I got into the story.


      In recent years, I like reading, and found that there are some mysteries in the book that we do not know. Bad mood is to turn over a book, which will make people forget the sad and boring things; Happy mood is to read a book, which makes people feel that reading is like walking into a dream. In short, books are an indispensable part of my life.


      Once, when I was reading at home, my mother was going to buy vegetables and said to me, "Now there is water on the gas stove. After about ten minutes of boiling, turn off the gas stove. Do you know?" I quickly nodded and said, "OK, you can go at ease! I'll take it here." As soon as I finished speaking, I continued to read my novel. I slowly turned page by page, and unconsciously an hour passed. When I looked at it, my eyelids drooped and I fell asleep. After a while, I felt my mouth was dry, so I ran to the kitchen. Once I entered, there was smoke in the kitchen, and the boiled water was almost dry. I quickly ran over, picked up the kettle and took a big blister on my hand. I cried in pain. It happened that my mother came back. When she saw this scene, she immediately turned off the gas stove and opened the window. When she saw the blister on my hand, she put my hand in cold water, He said, "My child, you must have forgotten the time when you read a book and didn't notice when the water was boiling. You must remember and arrange the things you promised others in the future. Just like what you promised your mother today, if you are afraid of forgetting, you should take the book and read it in the kitchen, so that it won't happen just now." I nodded repeatedly.


      This is me, a small fan.

      精選七年級作文500字 篇3


      Mr. Liu walked into the classroom quickly, patted the table hurriedly, and said loudly, "A leader will come to our class to inspect immediately. Everyone knows the important rules." "Yes," Ben shouted in unison. The teacher was still worried, "If the leader asked what you like to do, how would you answer?" "We all love learning." The teacher smiled and walked out of the classroom.


      After a while, the monitor suddenly ran back and said, "Here comes the leader, everyone, sit down!" At this time, a leader with a beer belly and a flushed face came in, followed by Mr. Liu with a smiling face and the headmaster with a bow and a bow. The leader was very satisfied when he saw everyone sitting upright and said, "Very good." Then he asked, "What do students like to do?" We said with one voice: "Study, and then enter a good university." Now Miss Liu is more happy. Her face looks like a flower. The headmaster is also very happy. He takes out a stack of money to reward Miss Liu.


      When we looked at the teacher's bright smile, we knew that homework in winter vacation was a must. Although it was cold winter, the classroom became a warm ocean. The leader asked again, "What do you think of teachers?" Unfortunately, the leader picked Li Jinlong, who was usually scolded by the teacher as a dog. The teacher glared at him. Li Jinlong seemed to understand something and said, "Our teacher is highly respected, a teacher, dedicated, dedicated, and committed


      It takes ten years to teach others by words and deeds, and a hundred years to teach others tirelessly. A good teacher and good friends are like a sea of kindness... "The teacher listened with rapture. The headmaster's mouth was full of joy, and the leader smiled with satisfaction


      Even if this is the highest level of cooperation! What a good cooperation!





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