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      《綠山墻的安妮》的讀后感 篇1


      Some people say that reading makes people happy. I think this sentence is quite right, so I love reading. Today, after I read the book Anne of Green Gables, I experienced a lot of happiness.


      Annie of Green Gables tells the story of the growth of an orphan Annie. She is kind, naive and simple. Although she has no parents, she has people who care about her. With the help of everyone, she has overcome many difficulties and finally grew up. It is touching.


      Annie is not depressed in front of the cruel life. She loves imagination. As long as she closes her eyes, she can enter a wonderful and interesting world where she can feel the joy of life. This is actually her heart. If a person's heart is full of sunshine and colorful, then her life will be full of vitality everywhere. Even if life has more misfortunes, what does it matter? There is a way to face everything, so we should not be afraid, but live happily. It is said that girls who love to laugh will not have bad luck!

      而觀察我們的生活,有多少人能永遠安妮那樣神奇的想象力呢?只有對生活充滿熱愛,才 https://m.1mi.net/ 會有源源不斷的想象力??!所有,讀完這本之后,我要培養自己對生活的熱愛,找到生活中的樂趣,不再用一顆無所謂、冷淡的心去面對。

      And how many people can observe our life forever with Annie's magical imagination? HTTPS://M.1MI.NET/will have endless imagination only when you are full of love for life! So, after reading this book, I will cultivate my love for life, find joy in life, and no longer face it with an indifferent and cold heart.


      The composition teacher said that if you want to write a good composition, you must have rich imagination. Only when we burst out of love for life and desire for learning can we really write good articles! I want to learn from the beautiful Annie.

      《綠山墻的安妮》的讀后感 篇2


      In our life, we have changed from an ignorant girl to a polite girl. There will be happy days, sad days and exciting days on our growth path... Today I will talk about the happy days on my growth path!


      There are many kinds of happiness, such as: the happiness of fruits you get through hard work; The happiness of making friends on campus; The happiness of leaving parents and coming back to talk with them; Have fun climbing mountains with friends.


      Annie's life in the famous foreign book "Annie of Green Gables" that I tasted was also full of happiness like me. Although Annie felt sorry to give up the chance to go to Raymond College, she thought that she could go home every Friday to meet with Marilla, chat with her and tell her stories. She was very satisfied and happy.


      But when we were children, our mother would do some ordinary things for us every day; Every day at the bedside waiting for us to open our hazy eyes; We prepared breakfast and waited on the table; Take us to school every morning. At that time, when our mother was doing those small things for us, did we ever think about how we should repay our parents? As time goes by, I grow up slowly, and my white hair has covered my mother's forehead, and silver has covered her temples. At that time, my mother was old. If you left your parents for a long time, wouldn't you miss them very much? If you could often go home and chat with your parents, and tell them about interesting things that happened outside, wouldn't you feel very happy?


      If I have grown up, I will miss them very much when I go out and return home several times a year. I feel very happy when I return home and chat with my family.


      Happiness is having time to live with the people you love.

      《綠山墻的安妮》讀后感 篇3


      When I opened Anne of Green Gables written by Canadian writer Montgomery, I felt as if I was in the green gables farmhouse on Prince Edward Island, where a hundred flowers bloom and smell fresh. The warm afternoon sun shines on the courtyard, and it is golden.


      A clear singing voice came from a distance, and then a lively girl came into sight. She was the hero of the book, Anne. She is an adopted orphan. Her big eyes shine with joy, and her straight nose makes her unique. But what annoyed her most was the freckles on her face and two carrot like thick red plaits. At first, her adoptive parents intended to take a boy instead of a girl, but she was loved by her family and neighbors with her sincerity.


      I admire Annie's unconvincing spirit. Through her unremitting efforts, she stood out from more than 200 people and was admitted to the Queen's School with excellent results. How much effort is needed! At the hotel concert after the exam, Annie saw that professional reciters were hundreds of times better than her own, so she could not go on stage. But she soon overcame her stage fright and bravely stepped onto the stage. She won applause with her wonderful recitation. How much courage it takes!


      Annie is also a dutiful child. When she learned that her adoptive mother was going to sell the Green Gables because she could not work because of her bad eyes, she gave up the opportunity to go to Raymond and stayed with her to take care of her.


      Annie's story gave me a great feeling: looking for hope from adversity and facing everything bravely. Even if the road under foot gets narrower and narrower, as long as there is hope, there will be peaceful flowers of happiness blooming along the way.


      Yes, nothing can take away the right to hope. Everything always turns around!

      綠山墻的安妮讀后感 篇4

      傾讀《綠山墻的安妮》,會讓你感受到安妮的愛幻想,率真。傾聽安妮的心聲,會讓你覺得十分感動。比如說某一處:安妮有些悲傷地說:“如果我的臉不好看,我會想成如花瓣般嬌嫩的臉;如果我的身材不苗條,我會把它看成安琪兒的身材??墒?,唯獨我這一頭紅頭發!它使所有的人歧視我。噢。我多么希望這是一頭烏黑柔順的頭發! 看到這兒,我的眼前馬上浮現出安妮正在懊惱的對這一頭紅頭發的事發愁的景象。我仿佛感受到了安妮對人們對他的紅頭發嘲笑而生氣的心情。因為安妮她沒有一頭黑頭發而是有一頭紅頭發,她幻想著有一頭黑頭發的一天。

      When you read Annie of Green Gables, you will feel Annie's love, fantasy and frankness. Listening to Annie's voice will make you feel very moved. For example, somewhere, Annie said sadly: "If my face is not beautiful, I will think of it as a delicate face like a flower petal; if my body is not slim, I will think of it as Angel's body. However, only my red hair! It makes all people discriminate against me. Oh, how I wish it was a black and smooth hair! Seeing this, I immediately saw the scene that Annie was worried about this red hair with regret. I seemed to feel Ann Ni was angry at people laughing at his red hair. Because Annie doesn't have black hair but red hair. She fantasizes about the day when she has black hair.


      When I was a child, I used to fantasize about strange things. Once, I wanted to see how Barbie, who can sing, sings. I thought I could put these parts back after removing them. After studying for a long time, I still had no idea. I was disappointed to put them back, but I found it was too late to put them back! I was so disappointed and angry that I just put these parts in a mess.


      I felt sad and sad, and didn't let my tears fall. After all, this is my first fantasy, my first dream. Although fantasy is daydreaming in the eyes of most people, it is unrealistic. But I still firmly believe that fantasy is not a bad thing. Clever you think, if there is no illusion, where do these writers' wonderful articles come from? Love fantasy, life is interesting. Let's go to the Green Gable to look for fantasy with Annie!













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