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      格列佛游記語錄 篇1


      1. I ran as fast as I could along the road I had walked before, and then climbed up a steep hill. From there, I could roughly see what the place was. I found this is a piece of arable land, but the first thing that surprised me was the height of the grass; On the ground, which seemed to be planted with sock grass, the height of the grass was more than twenty feet.


      2. After I was out of danger, I stopped for a moment and pulled out my hand. The arrow on his face was smeared with some ointment; As I mentioned earlier, it was given to me by Lilliput people when I first arrived. Then I took off my glasses, waited until the tide had receded a little, and then waded across the center of the channel with my booty, safely returning to the Royal Port of Lilliput.


      3. The Bulevsku people didn't think what I was going to do. At first, they just panicked. When they saw me cutting ropes, they thought I was just trying to let the ships drift with the waves or hit each other and sink. But when they found that the whole fleet was moving in order and I was pulling at one end, they immediately screamed. The cry of sadness and despair was indescribable and could not be imagined.


      4. At this time, the ladder had been erected and several people climbed up. Seeing this, the monkey found that he was almost surrounded by four sides, and his three legs could not run fast, so he had to put me on a tile on the ridge of the roof to escape. I sat on the tiles for a moment; This is three hundred yards above the ground. I always feel that I will be blown down by the wind, or I will feel dizzy, rolling from the ridge to the eaves. However, an honest and reliable young man who ran errands for my nanny climbed up at this time, and he put me in his breeches pocket and safely took me down.


      5. From then on, the emperor and a handful of ministers who were hostile to me began to reach a conspiracy; In less than two months, the plot was exposed, but it almost ended in my complete elimination. What is the greatest achievement in the eyes of the king? If you defy him and do not satisfy his ambition, no great contribution can be made.


      6. A fierce horse rode by a captain kicked at random with his hooves, and kicked a hole in the handkerchief. The horse slipped and turned over. But I immediately saved all the people and horses, covering the hole with one hand and putting them back to the ground as I had done when I sent them to the stage. The left shoulder of the errant horse was sprained, but the rider did nothing. I tried to mend the handkerchief, but I don't believe how strong it is anymore. It can withstand this dangerous game.


      7. It was already dawn, and I went back to my home without waiting for the emperor to thank me, because although I made a great contribution, the emperor may not be very disgusted with my way of doing it.


      8. I saw that the queen and the young princes were accompanied by some main attendants in their respective dormitories. Her Majesty was very happy. She smiled at me kindly and then extended her hand from the window to give me a kiss.


      9. Once I almost lost my life in such a rowing sport. One of the attendants put my boat in the wooden trough first. At this time, the female teacher of Gram Darklich was meddling, and she wanted to take me up and put me on the boat. But I somehow slipped between her fingers. If I hadn't been lucky enough to be blocked by a pin inserted in the good lady's bra, I would have fallen from forty feet to the ground. The pin went through the middle of my shirt and belt, so I was suspended in mid air until Gram Darklich ran to rescue me.


      10. The storm was blowing a strong wind from the southwest to the west. According to my estimation, we had been blown to about 500 leagues in the east. Even the most experienced sailors on the ship did not know which part of the world we were in. Our supplies are sufficient for a period of time. The ship is very strong and the crew are in good health, but we are seriously short of fresh water. We think it is better to stick to the original channel rather than turn north. In that case, we are likely to enter the northwest of the Great Tatar and sail into the frozen sea.


      11. As soon as they stood in order, they immediately divided into two teams for a small-scale military exercise. At the moment, they were blunt and shot at once. Their swords and swords came out of their sheaths. They ran, chased, attacked and retreated. In short, they showed the strict military discipline I had never seen before. I'm sorry


      12. He was very surprised at my account of the great events of our country in the past hundred years. He categorically declared that those events were nothing but a mass of plots, rebellions, assassinations, massacres, revolutions and exile, and were the most serious consequences of greed, party strife, hypocrisy, treachery, cruelty, anger, madness, hatred, envy, lust, insidious and ambition.


      13. When I walked alone, I couldn't tell whether I was happy or angry. The smaller birds seemed not afraid of me at all. They are jumping around within a yard of me, looking for caterpillars and other food, and they are very relaxed, as if there are no creatures around them.


      14. I hope the honorable readers will forgive me for saying these trivial things. In the eyes of the mindless layman, such things may seem unimportant, but they can undoubtedly help philosophers enrich their imagination and expand the scope of their thoughts and imagination, which is good for both society and individuals.


      15. For several hours, I have been holding my stool in a very uncomfortable way; It's not surprising, because I haven't had a bowel movement for two days since I let go of me last time. I was very embarrassed and anxious.


      16. This decision may be too bold and dangerous. I dare say that under the same circumstances, no European monarch will follow this example. However, they are both extremely cautious and generous in doing so, because if these people try to kill me with spears and arrows while I am sleeping, I will surely wake up when I feel pain, which may make me angry. In a fit of anger, they can break the rope that binds me with force. At that time, they cannot resist, and they cannot expect me to be merciful.


      17. Finally, I stood up and looked around. I should admit that I have never seen a more beautiful scene. The surrounding fields are like endless gardens. The fields enclosed are generally 40 feet square, just like many flower beds. The fields are interspersed with trees, which cover about one eighth of an acre, and the highest tree, I infer, is about seven feet high. I looked at the city on the left. It looked like the scenery of the city painted in the theater.


      18. It seems that as soon as I was found lying on the ground after I went ashore, a special messenger reported to the emperor, so he knew about it long ago, so the meeting decided to tie me up in the way described earlier (this was done when I slept at night), and decided to give me enough 'wine and meat', and prepare a machine to transport me to the capital.


      19. Every time I want to go to the town to have a look, I always sit in this small room for traveling. Gramdalk Leach held the hut on his lap and sat in a national style open sedan chair, carried by four people, followed by the Queen's two attendants. People often heard about me and rushed around the sedan chair with great curiosity. The little girl said a good word and asked the person carrying the sedan chair to stop. She held me in her hand again so that everyone could see more clearly.


      20. Their academic development has been very advanced, and they have experienced many generations. I don't need to say that. However, they write in a special way, neither from left to right like Europeans, nor from right to left like Arabs, nor from top to bottom like Chinese, nor from bottom to top like Kaskagi. Instead, it was written obliquely from one corner of the paper to the other, in the same way as British ladies.


      21. One month later, when everything was ready, I sent someone to ask the emperor for instructions and bid him farewell. The emperor took his palace ministers out of the palace. I lay on the ground, and the emperor kindly extended his hand for me to kiss, so did the queen and princess. His majesty gave me fifty money bags, each containing two hundred "Spruggs", and also gave me a full body portrait of him. I immediately put it in a glove to avoid damage. The following is a complicated farewell ceremony, so I won't say more to the readers.


      22. Obey your majesty's order, and we will take what he has. The bags were carefully checked. We also saw a belt around his waist, which was made of the leather of a giant animal. On the left side of the belt was a five person high long knife, and on the right side was a leather bag, which was divided into two small bags, each of which could hold three of His Majesty's subjects; One of them is filled with some heavy metal balls the same size as our heads, which can only be picked up with good strength; The other one is filled with a pile of black particles, which are small and not heavy. We can pick up more than 50 of them with one hand.


      23. In the evening, I had a hard time climbing back into the house and lying down on the ground. I had been sleeping for about two weeks. During this period, the emperor ordered me to prepare a bed. Six hundred beds of ordinary size were brought in by the car and placed in my house. One hundred and fifty small beds were sewn together to make a bed of moderate length and width, and the rest were sewn together in four layers. But it's no better for me to sleep on it than on the smooth stone floor. They also prepared sheets, blankets and quilts for me with the same calculation method. For a person like me who is used to living a hard life, it will be easy.


      24. On November 5, it was early summer and the sky was foggy. The sailors found a reef half way from the ship; But the wind was so strong that we were hit by the wind, and the ship immediately hit the rocks and broke.


      25. Therefore, the question is not whether a person can maintain his youth, health and happiness forever, but how to spend his eternal life under various common adverse conditions of old age.


      26. As the news of my arrival spread throughout the kingdom, countless rich, idle and curious people came to watch. Almost all the people in the countryside are gone. If the emperor's edict had not issued a proclamation prohibiting such riots, there would have been serious consequences of no farming and no management. The emperor gave an order that people who had seen me must go home. Without the permission of the court, no one should approach the place within 50 yards from my house. The court officials also received a considerable amount of taxes.


      27. The nation's academic is very poor, consisting only of ethics, history, poetry and mathematics. It should be acknowledged that their achievements in these areas are still outstanding. But their mathematics has been completely applied to things beneficial to life. It is used to improve agriculture and all mechanical technologies, so it is not commendable in our view. As for what concept, noumenon, abstraction and apriority are, I will never be able to put even a little overview into their minds.


      28. After lunch, the master went out to supervise his employees. From his voice and gesture, I can see that he strictly told his wife to watch me carefully. I was very tired and wanted to sleep. The hostess saw that and put me on her bed. She put a clean white handkerchief on me, but it was bigger than the main sail of a warship and very rough.


      29. The noblewomen and courtiers were all dressed in gorgeous clothes. They looked as if they were wearing a petticoat embroidered with gold and silver figures.


      30. The chain that ties my left leg is about two yards long, which not only allows me to walk around freely in a semicircle, but also because the place where the chain is tied is less than four inches from the gate, so I can climb into the temple and lie straight in it.


      31. I don't want to tell the readers the details of how the imperial court received me. In short, this reception is commensurate with the generosity of such a great king. I don't want to say more about how I didn't have a house or a bed and was forced to sleep on the ground with quilts.


      32. His Majesty's horses generally do not exceed 600. Most of these horses are between 54 and 60 feet tall. However, when the king goes on patrol on major festivals, in order to show his dignity, there are always a guard team composed of 500 horses with him. Before I saw part of his army drill, I really thought it was the most spectacular scene I could see. I will find another opportunity to describe the situation of the army drill.


      33. In their practice, ingratitude should be condemned to death. We read in the book that other countries also have such laws. Their reason is that no matter who repays kindness with resentment, he should be the public enemy of mankind. Those who do not know how to repay kindness do not deserve to live in the world at all.


      34. Up to that time, I have never been familiar with the affairs of the imperial court. I am in a low position, and I am not qualified to know about participating in the imperial court at the same time. I have heard a lot and read a lot about the temperament and temperament of kings and ministers, but I never thought that they would have such a terrible impact on such a remote country. I thought the governing principles of this country were completely different from those of European countries.


      35. The king's favorite hobby is music. He often gives concerts in the palace. Sometimes they also take me, put me in a box and put me on the table to listen to the music. But it was so loud that I could hardly tell what tune it was. I believe that all the drums and trumpets of the Royal Army are not as loud as those here. I usually have to ask people to move my box away from where the players are sitting, as far away as possible, then close the doors and windows, and put down the curtains, which makes their music not unpleasant.


      36. What a wonderful discovery we will have in astronomy! We can live to see our predictions come true; We can observe the movement and reappearance of comets, as well as various movements and changes of the sun, moon and stars.


      37. I loaded the boat with 100 cows and 300 sheep, the corresponding amount of bread and drinks, and a large amount of cooked meat. It took 400 chefs to make so many cooked meat. I also took six live cows and two live bulls, six live ewes and two live rams with me, and planned to bring them back to the motherland to breed. In order to feed them on the boat, I also brought a large bundle of hay and a bag of millet.


      38. Villagers and laborers keep their children at home. Their duty is to cultivate the land, so their education is of no importance to the public. But among them, the elderly and the sick will come to the nursing home to support them, because there is no beggar in this country, that is, there is no beggar.


      39. People who do not believe in God are also unable to serve the public. The Lilliputians believed that since kings claimed that they were the representatives of God, it was absurd that the people he appointed did not recognize the authority he relied on.


      40. I frankly said that I would not be the tool of others to make a free and brave nation a slave.

      格列佛游記的作文 篇2


      The second time, Gulliver went to a grown-up country. In the eyes of grown-up people, Gulliver was just a "little ant", but a girl adopted him. Unexpectedly, this adoption


      All the "adults" from all sides want to see the "Little Ant" performance, so the girl has to let Gulliver perform,


      At night, Gulliver was tired and panting, but the "adults" had to watch the "little ants" show,


      The girl had to invite everyone out. Gulliver thought it was bad, so he had to escape from the adult country.


      After that, Gulliver went to many countries.

      格列佛游記的作文 篇3


      In the library, there is only one sound of turning books, and the noise has been blocked. I look at the book alone in the corner. The protagonist supporting role and the scene in the book have always appeared in my eyes. I always long for what will happen next second, always feel the protagonist's mood, and I want to sympathize with him.


      I was watching Gulliver's Travels. Gulliver had an accident during a voyage. He woke up and saw the villain. I felt that I had become Gulliver himself. In the Lilliput, various unexpected things happened. "I" was in Lilliput for a few days. I was insulted. When he returned home, his family saw everything "I" brought back from Lilliput. They were very surprised. When "I" sailed again, I also met a giant country, and "I" was in the scene. Even though I imagined all this, I could feel Gulliver's mood at this time.


      When I close this book that makes me dream, the scene at this time has been deeply etched into my mind. I also want to be a "Gulliver" in life, to explore and discover, and let me dig out the mysteries of life.


      If I were Gulliver, I would make all kinds of strange choices. For example, I would find all kinds of strange countries in the world to let people know that life is everywhere. Don't hurt any small life. I wouldn't even step on ants in Lilliput. Although we can't see them, I will try my best.


      I must know that Gulliver's dream is a voyage that I will never give up in my life, so I will study Gulliver in the book, never give up any dream, and stick to every bit of life.


      I am Gulliver in the book. I will stick to the sailing in my life,


      I'm Gulliver. This is my day.

      格列佛游記的作文 篇4


      In a twinkling of an eye, it was autumn, and the villains' faces were full of smiles. But when they saw the wheat fields, they were horrified because the little squirrels and crows had eaten food before the villains. If there was no harvest, the little people would starve this winter.


      So I lay down beside the field and slept. When night fell, I fell asleep. Suddenly, I was awakened by the noise of "Hua Hua". I squinted and saw several squirrels stealing the leftover ears of wheat. I moved my feet first, and they took a look at me with disapproval. They were not afraid of me at all. Seeing their indifference, I was so angry that my teeth creaked. So I took a full breath and blew hard at the squirrels. A "tornado" suddenly took those hateful squirrels to the sky. After solving the problem of squirrels and crows, I lay down beside the field and fell asleep.


      The next morning, I saw some crows hovering in the sky. I jumped up and grabbed them, but the crows flew away. I grabbed them again, but they dodged again. I was very tired after a while. I saw some stones on the ground. I had a brainstorm to grab a handful of stones and throw them into the air. The crows saw so many stones, and they couldn't dodge. All of them fell down.


      Another autumn, the king of Lilliputian Kingdom took me to the seaside, and a big ship appeared in front of me. I was surprised how they built the big ship. When I left, I knew that because Lilliputian did not know how to repay me, but I missed my hometown every day, so I built this ship to send me. When I left, I held the people of the whole country in my arms for a long time and reluctantly returned home with food.

      格列佛游記的作文 篇5


      I have heard of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels for a long time, and today I finally read it.


      On May 4, 1699, Gulliver's "Antelope" suddenly hit the rocks and sank. Gulliver was alone on Lilliput Island. After landing, the palace minister took him to the Royal Park to play; Play on the grassland of Brobdinnag, and watch on Lepidha's magnet


      I have seen these. Although most of them are science fiction stories, Swift's description makes me feel very interesting and real. For example, it is mentioned in the book that sunlight is extracted from cucumbers and spider silk is used to make clothes... Although these things seem a little strange now, I think they may become reality one day in the future.


      Gulliver is not afraid of difficulties. He is strong and brave. His wit and cleverness make me admire him very much. He is kind and always helps others when they are in trouble. He was brave and risked his life to save his master when he was imprisoned. This also taught me that it is a kind of happiness to help others often. I want to have such an experience, helping others and helping myself.


      I hope you can also read this book to let you know how strong, brave, witty and smart you are. Maybe one day you will also go to Lilliput, Great Britain and Flying Island... I also wish Gulliver can travel to more exotic countries and be healthy


      After reading this book, I thought of our current society. We are getting better and better now, with less killing and less blood. We should better examine ourselves to see if we have those bad habits, less greed, less evil, less darkness and more sunshine. Let's appeal to everyone around us to work hard for our better life.

      格列佛游記讀書筆記 篇6


      Gulliver's Travels is characterized by the use of satire, and the sharp and profound satire is the soul of this work.


      At that time, Britain was the object of the author's attack and ridicule. The first place of Gulliver's adventure is Lilliput. In this tiny country, the parties are at odds. Neighbours not only want to win but also enslave each other. The king of Lilliputian selected officials by means of rope competition. In order to obtain several colored silk threads awarded by the king, the officials did a ridiculous performance like clowns. This small court was the epitome of Britain at that time, and even the political customs and rules of Lilliput were the same as the British political situation at that time; In the second volume, the author criticizes Britain by name. Gulliver introduced the history, system and current situation of Britain to the king of the Great Britain at length, as well as all kinds of things that the country explained for itself. However, from the perspective of the Great Britain, the history of Britain is full of the evil consequences of "greed, competition, cruelty, hypocrisy, lust, insidious and ambition". In the words of the king, "such a humble and incompetent insect" is "the most harmful kind of small poisonous insects crawling on the ground in nature", which satirizes all aspects of British society; In the third volume, it satirizes the British pseudoscience at that time through the boring and absurd scientific research conducted by the people of Lagarde Academy of Sciences; The depiction of Lepita Island criticizes the British exploitation and oppression of Ireland. The novel not only criticizes the social status quo, but also directly satirizes human nature itself on a deeper level. In the fourth volume, such is the argument about "money". Gulliver came without money, without the wisdom of the army and police? (Malaysia) Guo explained to his horse owner: "Our wild monkeys believe that no matter how much money they use or save, the more the better, there is no time for it. Because they are such people, they are either extravagant and wasteful or greedy. The rich enjoy the fruits of the poor's labor, while the ratio of the poor to the rich is 1000 to 1 in number. Therefore, most of our people are forced to live a miserable life...". The author notes the pure money relationship between people in capitalist society. And thus questions human nature.


      When the author mercilessly and acrimoniously satirized and attacked the parliamentary politics and reactionary religious forces in Britain at that time, some directly ridiculed, some used the lips and tongues of foreigners, some metaphorically satirized, and some ridiculed people with animals. All these were funny and funny. This is a satirical novel full of fairy tale color, but the words in the book reveal the author's dissatisfaction with the society.













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