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      留一條縫隙作文 篇1


      There was a story that said, "Great grandfather was a good carpenter. He had a saying:" Pay attention, leave a gap. " Carpenters pay attention to the density, and if they are glued properly, they will be sparse, otherwise they will be scattered easily. Nowadays, many people decorate their houses, and the wood floor often cracks or extrudes and arches, which is why they are too full. A good decorator knows how to leave a gap in the right place, which is the space for matching composite materials. In fact, there are some examples in real life that are similar to carpenters' skills, just like the Three Kingdoms. Here I want to say to Sun Ce in the Three Kingdoms: "Leave a gap for others.


      Sun Ce was the younger brother of General Sun Quan during the Three Kingdoms Period. He was wounded by a poisonous arrow when he went hunting, but he could not get angry if he wanted to recover. It was even more difficult to cure the sore when he was angry. But how could he bear to be angry for a hundred days if he was impatient? As expected, Yu Ji came that day and said that he wanted to cure his illness with kindness, but Sun Ce said, "It's like killing a pig or a dog." "Instead, he went back and put Yu Ji in prison. Everyone came to persuade him, but he didn't listen. So he asked Yu Ji to pray for rain for all the people. But if he didn't get the rain at noon, he had to burn Yu Ji to death. It was cloudy but there was no rain in the sky at noon. Sun Ce couldn't help but sighed when he saw how effective he was, Instead, he scolded again: "It's nearly noon, and there are clouds in the sky, but there is no sweet rain. It's still a demon." Just as Yuji was about to burn the world, it began to rain heavily in summer. It said in the article: "In an instant, the streets, rivers and streams were full of three feet of sweet rain. Yuji drank loudly, and the clouds gathered rain and stayed there to see the sun. This was the general situation. Sun Ce was still unconvinced, but he complained about his brother." Ce was furious, and the dagger said, "The rain and sunshine are the destiny of the world, and the demons are the occasional convenience. Why should you be so confused?" So he picked up the sword and cut Yuji's head. He saw a green breath floating toward the sky. After that, he didn't forget to scold: "You all want to rebel from Yuji." But naturally, he had no good luck killing Yuji. In recent days, he has always been in the hall, dreaming, and beside the bed... When he saw the dead Yuji, he appeared wherever Yuji went. Finally, he wanted to see his anger burst out at the bedside one night, After saying the last will to his family, he closed his eyes and died at the age of 26.


      Here I think he didn't give Yuji a crack in the process of asking Yuji to pray for rain and approaching Yuji to prison. He was asked to try so that he fell to the point of death.


      I read the story of Sun Ce and learned how important it is to leave a gap for others!


      So we should leave a gap for others in life. In fact, we will leave a way for ourselves. Maybe your life will be more beautiful. Leave a gap!

      留一條縫隙作文700字 篇2


      The sea embraces all rivers. Even the sea knows the truth of tolerance. Isn't it harmless for us to leave a gap for others in interpersonal communication?


      Victor Hugo, a great French writer, once said: "The broadest thing in the world is the ocean, the sky is wider than the ocean, and the mind of people is wider than the sky." Yes, how many people can do that now.


      In my opinion, most people are fussy. Both of them want to make small profits for each other, let alone show their greed and selfishness in the face of common interests. What's more, they have to fight to the death for their closest and favorite family members. This is contrary to our original wishes.


      Some people believe that tolerance is the behavior of cowards, which is groundless. A coward is a person whose interests are harmed and who dare not speak out. And people who know tolerance start from the overall situation and consider the overall interests. Therefore, it is not a big deal to suffer from immediate losses, so we should learn to be tolerant in dealing with people and things.


      In ancient times, there was Lin Xiangru. That Lianpo was so vicious and aggressive that he threatened: "I will humiliate him when I see Xiang Ru." But Lin Xiangru's reaction was really unexpected. "Xiang Ruwen refuses to attend the meeting. Xiang Ru often complains that he is ill every time. Xiang Ru has already appeared, seen incorruptible, and led a car to hide." In the eyes of his disciples, this is undoubtedly a sign of extreme weakness and incompetence. What did they say? "Those who are my relatives and work for the king admire the high righteousness of the king. Today, the king and the honest man are listed together. The honest man declares evil words, and you are afraid to hide them. What's more, the mediocre man is ashamed of them, and even the general is indifferent."


      Obviously, this is the difference between Lianpo and Lin Xiangru, which is also the difference between disciples and Lin Xiangru. They only focused on the surface. When they were pursuing the great interests of the country, Lin Xiangru put down his minister's airs and did not haggle over the aggressive integrity, thinking about the country. Finally, he got an apology from Lianpo, from marrying Liangzi to becoming a close friend. Lin Xiangru has gone through unimaginable suffering for the sake of the country and the country. At the same time, he has been forced to leave by the disciples and Lian Po. However, he perfectly coordinated the relationship between the three with his own strength, profound righteousness and tolerance, and connected them in a chain.


      Yes, this is tolerance, but it does not mean swallowing the bullet, nor does it mean making unconditional concessions. Of course, only cowards think so.


      So act as a person and leave a gap for others.

      留一條縫隙作文 篇3


      When the weather is fine, the dazzling light of the sun shines down and turns into an eternal imprint of time.




      I often see such a picture.


      In the forest, the boundless green reflects the golden silhouette on the ground.


      Is there such a question in your mind, why can sunlight freely shine on the ground?


      Because there is always a gap in the rich leaves, which gives the space for sunlight to pass through, and also gives the ground infinite vitality.


      My thoughts often turn back to the dusk with light rain two years ago.


      For a small matter, a class activity, I disagreed with my friends and argued for a long time. Because this is an honor of the class, everyone attaches great importance to it. She is also a person who has a good face and maintains her own views on almost everything. Because we have always insisted on our own opinions. Later, on a rainy afternoon, she resolutely turned back because she could not argue. That was the first time we ran in the opposite direction. In the intermittent rain, only the sound of rain hitting the ground, as well as the sound of our footsteps, is getting farther and farther, and finally, tends to be somewhat absent.


      At that time, she and I were deskmates, often inseparable. Because of this, we didn't let anyone. We didn't play together after class. Occasionally, we were called together by the teacher, but we also looked at each other coldly and hardly talked.


      The students were very surprised that we could quarrel about this matter to this extent. This event lasted until after that event.


      The event was particularly successful, and the whole class was celebrating with joy. When we were playing noisily in our respective circle of friends, we received a surprise message.


      This plan is based on your two opinions.


      We both stopped playing and stared at each other.


      I remember clearly that she looked at me with a smile for the first time after we had a conflict, then walked up to me and said a familiar word: "Hey, let's continue to be friends."


      That time she said this to me as if we had just met, but there was no such word as "continue".


      I smiled and nodded as if I had just met her.


      Later, it was time to graduate from primary school. The study was very tight, and the teacher was a little more strict than usual. As always, we do our homework together, go to school and finish school together.


      Just like in the story of "Six foot Lane", we all left a gap for each other, step back and open the sky.


      We are like sponges soaked by the rain that day. Only because there are enough gaps left in the middle can we become fluffy again and closely fit together.


      Although we are not in the same school now, I will remember this friendship for a long time.


      Leave a gap for yourself, let the long lost spring moisten your dry land, and the happy and joyful flowers will surely bloom.

      留一條縫隙作文 篇4


      The ant bear left a gap for itself, because it did not kill all the ants, nor would it disturb the ants' delicious food.


      Adhere to a fertile land and harvest a golden autumn. Ant bears know that if they give themselves a gap, they will always have plenty of food and clothing. As things are, so are people. Leave a gap for your insatiable desire, and the road under your feet will become smooth.


      She left the "gap" in the desert


      Riding the great ship of history, I wander in the great river of history. I seem to hear the thick bell of the frontier camel in ancient times, ding dong, ding dong! The mixed cry is clearly that Zhaojun is sad. When she turns back to Chang'an City, she is still so kind. But who knows that a weak woman can bear the stability of thousands of people. Facing the boundless desert ahead and thousands of people behind her, she chose the desert, abandoned her hometown and gave birth to her, She sat in the painted carriage and perfectly painted the "gap" she left for herself, for the people, and for the country in the vast desert. This "gap" is not wide, only as wide as the distance between two wheels. It gives hope to the people and the country!


      He left the "gap" in the book


      He left the "gap" in the book,而這本書就是記錄著中華文明的《史記》。


      A man who is regarded as small by the world cannot be in a small book, but he has become a great sin in front of Sima Qian's monarch. As a result, a kind of criminal law that can make men more painful than death became the punishment for Sima Qian. Since then, his desire to add merit to the ranks of the nobility, and his ambition to alleviate the national worries has turned into smoke, floating across the long river of history, and turned into a huge force pushing Sima Qian's waist. So he forged a "sword", and wanted to use this "sword" to cut through the black "gap" in his life to pursue light. This day has come, which is not very fast, but it is not more meaningful for us. Because he forged a "literary giant sword", which is the most eye-catching one in the history of literature, and he used this "sword" to cut the wound in his heart; Cut the "black yarn barrier" in front; It also breaks the historical wall between ancient and modern times.


      He left himself a "gap" that can change life, and also a "big gap" between "ancient" and "present", so that we can see what we could not have seen!


      friend! Leave yourself a gap! Because it can make you scratch the "black yarn barrier" in front!


      friend! Leave a "gap" for others, because it can make your feelings deeper!


      friend! Leave a "gap" in your desire, because it can make you plain on the road of life, and it will also make you less worried and more relieved!

      留一條縫隙作文700字 篇5


      I have heard carpenters who decorate at home mention many times: "Leave a gap." And there are also gaps on the decorated floor, which can be said to be dense. Glue it well.


      Leave a gap and a flaw to avoid being too "full" and too perfect. Just like when you decorate a house. Nowadays, when many people decorate their houses, the floor often cracks and arch, which is precisely the reason why no gap is reserved.


      Then why do you want to keep that gap? As an old saying goes, "A small full moon overflows, and a full moon lacks." It can be seen that everything is too perfect is not a desirable way. Like that water, if you fill the whole container, you can no longer pour a drop of water into it; Like that month, if you enjoy the full moon tonight, you will not see the full moon tomorrow. All you can see is the overflowing water and the missing moon.


      When I was young, I used to put porcelain bottled water into the refrigerator and take it out to cool it. It is the best way to relieve the heat in summer. Once, however, when I opened the refrigerator door, I only saw fragments of porcelain bottles and ice in the shape of porcelain bottles. After asking my mother, I knew that it was because the water was so full that it broke the porcelain vase after freezing. Since then, I have stopped pouring water to the brim.


      Is it not because there is no gap left? If I had poured less water, I wouldn't have broken the porcelain vase.


      Leave a gap, it seems to be a regret, but how do you know that this thing is not perfect because of this flaw!


      The Venus with Broken Arms has never been criticized for the lack of both arms. On the contrary, (everyone) thinks it is a masterpiece in the sculpture industry. It can be seen that sometimes the defect is not defined by the performance. Sometimes you seem to have something to regret, but it may be perfect because of it. One more point is too much, and one less point is too little.


      Our life is like this.


      Leaving a gap does not mean that such a life is a life of failure. A person's life will always experience setbacks and leave some regrets. If your life is too perfect, it will lose its reality, and you will not be able to recall it.


      In general, life needs regrets; In a small way, there should be room for everything. All things to the point, too much pursuit of perfection will be lost. Too much pressing will lose the gains. Leave a line in everything, just like leaving a gap.


      Leave a gap, give yourself a little regret, give things some room.


      Leave a gap. A flaw is not a flaw. You will reap another kind of perfection.













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