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      六年級的點面結合作文 篇1


      "Work hard, come on! Work hard, come on..." Cheers and shouts came from the wide stadium. After a closer look, it turned out that Class 6 (1) and Class 6 (3) were engaged in a fierce tug of war competition, which was the first time we faced each other head-on.


      The game begins! Look, the boy standing at the front of Class 6 (3) where I work is desperately pulling back, like a brave tiger general on the battlefield. The boys behind him also tried hard to pull back, and their indomitable spirit infected all the students in our class. You see, the female students standing on the other side shouted for them, some even jumped up excitedly!


      The teacher is waving a backward gesture, which means: pull back hard, and the victory is behind you. keep trying! The students understood the teacher's meaning and were determined to win. The trees beside them swayed as if to say, "Work hard, come on! Unity is strength!" Although the male students fought bravely, the strength of the other side was even better, and the men in my class finally lost the river crossing competition.


      When everyone was in a very low mood, we did not know that the girl said: "Don't be disappointed. There are also our girls. Although the girls in their class are as tall as a forest, they may not have too much strength. In short, we must have confidence in ourselves. We must not know how to win or lose. The final victory will belong to us!" After listening to the girl, the female students rallied, became energetic, and became high spirited. From their firm eyes, I saw that the fire in their hearts was burning so fiercely, and I was not reconciled. I decided to fight with the female students in Class 6 (1), "You die and I live".


      Under the direction of the physical education teacher, each side pulled up one end of the rope. My mood suddenly became tense and my heart kept beating. The game started. We firmly planted our feet and then pulled them over for a long distance. Then he pulled hard again, the teacher whistled, and we won the first game! Everyone shouted loudly and made one victory gesture. But in the second game, we lost, which confirmed the saying: proud soldiers will lose! In the third scene, with the unity of our female classmates, we won again.


      Through this river crossing competition, I understand that we should have a spirit of tenacity and struggle in both sports and study, so that victory will not be far away from us. You know, unity is strength!

      六年級的點面結合作文 篇2


      On the way of growing up, many people and things have accompanied me, also gave me tears, also gave me smiles, they brought me good memories. And the joy and dimples of the past, the joy of working together to win the final victory, will be chewed slowly, and the aftertaste will last forever.


      It was an autumn sports meeting. A month before the game, the campus was enveloped in boiling blood. Everyone was fully engaged in the practice and rehearsal. Face to face relay has always been our class's strong point, so this time, of course, we should maintain our advantage. Each student rushed to sign up. After the final determination of 30 contestants, everyone started the intense training.


      The playground in September is sunny. When others are walking leisurely, 30 students in our class hold batons and run between the starting point and the end point. The baton was passed from one hand to the other, and was covered with sweat from the palm of his hand. The half hour of lunch break passed in the process of running and passing. Although the training was very tiring, no one complained. Because in the training, we tasted the taste of unity. For the honor of the class, no matter how hard you work, it is worth it. This is the belief in everyone's heart. Since then, at noon every day, 30 students always appear on the playground to work hard for the same goal.

      時間一天天地過去,我們的訓練從未停止。終于,運動會到來了。大家從容自信地來到了跑道,做著熱身運動?!芭?!”隨著發令槍響,8個班的同學如離弦的箭一般沖了出去。賽場頓時沸騰了。老師、同學都在為自己的班級加油、喝彩。漸漸地 m.paomian.net ,我們班拉開了和別班的差距,一馬當先?;鸺t的接力棒宛如勝利的火炬,在我們手中不停的傳遞。當最后一名同學沖過終點線時,我們不約而同地歡呼起來。我們擁抱著、跳躍著,為勝利而歡呼,也為之付出的努力而自豪。此時此刻,我們明白了“團結就是力量”,也咀嚼到了團結所帶來的由衷的快樂與幸?!?/p>

      As time goes by, our training never stops. Finally, the sports meet is coming. Everyone came to the runway calmly and confidently and did a warm-up exercise. "Bang!" With the firing of the starting gun, the students of 8 classes rushed out like arrows leaving the string. The match ground suddenly seethed. Teachers and students are cheering for their classes. Gradually M. PAOMIAN NET, our class has opened up the gap with other classes, and has taken the lead. The red baton is like a torch of victory, which is passed on and on in our hands. When the last student crossed the finish line, we cheered together. We hugged, jumped, cheered for victory, and were proud of our efforts. At this moment, we understand that "unity is strength", and also chew the heartfelt happiness and happiness brought by unity


      The days are always like the fine sand passing through at the fingertips, slipping down unconsciously. In a twinkling of an eye, one year has passed since the sports meeting, but I still remember it vividly. For the honor of the class, we are united and unresponsive in our youth. Through this incident, I also learned the truth: "Solidarity generates strength, unity generates hope". As long as a collective is united, it is bound to succeed.

      點面結合場面描寫片段200字六年級 篇3


      general cleaning


      Lin Jiamin


      general cleaning的時候,大家都卯足了勁兒,把家里的里里外外打掃個遍,每一個人都很認真負責,全力以赴。


      Dad cleaned the front door, never letting go of small cracks or corners. Some places are too high, so I took the stool to stand up and washed it several times before I felt relieved.


      When my mother was cleaning the glass, she met several "little black beans". She first dug with her fingernails, and then scrubbed with a damp cloth. Then she wiped the mouth heater until it seemed that there was no glass. Then she smiled with satisfaction.


      My sister empties out all the things in her schoolbag when she tidies it up. I patted the schoolbag several more times for fear of dust on it. Then I wiped the pencil box with a wet towel, tried every pen, and threw the ones without oil or without oil into the trash can. Finally, make sure that each piece of school supplies is clean before putting them into the schoolbag in turn.

      六年級的點面結合作文 篇4


      I believe that in normal life, there are many shining first times in the university. The first time I took a plane, became an athlete, and so on... But among these many "firsts", what made me feel the most was that I learned unity for the first time.


      This summer vacation, I signed up for the "Happy 121 Beijing Summer Camp" activity. In Beijing, the place I feel most deeply is Yuanmingyuan, because I learned about unity there.


      At the beginning, the battalion commander assigned tasks to us: first find point A to point F, and then complete the different tasks assigned at each point.


      It's easy to say, but it's hard to do. We found point A very smoothly, but the task of point A is to cross your hands, then hold the hands of the people next to you, and try to make your hands no longer cross (you can't let go of your hands). We spent a lot of effort, but because we all followed our own ideas and did not consider our partners, we tried many methods, but failed to turn our hands around. Finally, it was under the guidance and help of the teacher that this task was completed. And the group that we have been working on this task, because of unity, has already completed this task to do the next task.


      We had just passed point A, but we encountered difficulties again: point B was nowhere to be found, we took the wrong road three times, and we even reached point F! In addition, some people in our team are always lagging behind, the team is dragging along, and the team members are dissatisfied with the performance of other people, and constantly make complaints to "accompany" us, which really makes us feel bad!


      Finally, we found point B, and the teacher said to us: "This task is to sign 100 people, but you are too late. I have asked two groups to help you finish the task first, and half of it has been signed. You can sign the rest, and hurry up." Having learned the lesson from the last time, we first divided our work and completed it separately. We all worked together and finished the task in a short time.


      As soon as we arrived at C o'clock, the teacher told us that the time was up and we couldn't finish the task any more. We had to go back to the bus dejectedly. Although we failed to complete the task, through this activity, we deeply realized that we should be united in everything we do. The people picked up some flames. Although the ants were small, they were more powerful than the elephants in uniting.

      點面結合場面描寫片段500字六年級 篇5


      high jump


      Yang Lianhang


      high jump項目開始了。運動員們接連不斷的一個接一個奮力地滿分作文網跳著,在桿的上空劃過一條有一條優美的弧線。


      Lin Nengcong, the player of our class, is on the stage! Although he is not tall among so many athletes, he is a flying man. Look, his face is showing a smile that is almost inevitable. He is determined to get back a medal for his class. He ran quickly, then kicked his feet and flew up like a superman, with his front feet flying over the pole, then on his heels and landing easily.


      A contestant from another class also rushed up, but when he reached the pole, he suddenly stopped and murmured: "Wow, it's too high, but for the sake of the class, I will do my best!" With these words, he gritted his teeth and rushed forward as hard as he could. He jumped with his legs open, but gave the pole a "pop!" The sound of the two halves.


      high jump的認知。


      high jump賽場上,每位運動員都為了自己和班級努力拼搏,不管成功還是失敗都值得稱贊。

      六年級的點面結合作文 篇6


      The strokes change from thick to light, depicting the rising sun; The strokes of the brush fall and rise, outlining the auspicious clouds; Under the brush, a touch of unity is drawn on the loose ink snow paper




      Watching her writing and drawing a rising sun on the wall, red as blood and gorgeous, I could not help but feel a surge of envy and admiration in my heart. This mural caught me by surprise. Although it was just painting, the "enemy" had already driven a thousand miles, and we were far behind. I am unwilling to fall behind and start writing, thinking and pondering. It took a long time to add a touch of light red to the peony. When I was complacent, she ran to me. When I saw it, she almost fainted. She pointed at my nose and shouted, "What are you doing? How can your clouds be white? I am the rosy clouds of the sun! Not the floating clouds of the night! Are you stupid?" My face was so angry that when I heard about it, I immediately apologized. Unexpectedly, she added fuel to the fire: "What's the use of apologizing? I regret forming a team with you!" I can't help but turn my back on her and draw by myself. I can't help thinking: How about us when others are so united? Alas! Sure enough, without her guidance, I was like a chair with broken feet, and my center of gravity was unstable; Like a falling leaf, tottering; It is also like a flower petal of being alone and being rejected by others without a group


      I felt more and more powerless, and my heart was stuffy. I thought: What can I do without her? How can I draw without her! We are not united at all. It seems that what the book says is true: "One flower does not make spring, and one tree does not make a forest!" Regret! Then someone slapped me on the back. I turned my head and found it was her. "Hmm... Let's cooperate! I found that without you, my paintings are also asymmetrical! As the saying goes, 'Tongxin Mountain turns into jade, and joint efforts turn into gold'! Two people are better than one!" "Yes! I don't know how to draw without your guidance! People are burning high when they gather firewood! Let's go together!" I smiled bitterly.


      Her plum blossom is in the cold, my falling snow is floating in the sky. It also adds the iron character of the plum blossom that does not fear the cold winter; My carp swim in the middle of the water. Her white lotus smells fragrant, and the decorated pond has a unique elegant charm. The corridor is antique; Her beautiful green clothes, my star hairpin and stars shake, add a touch of beauty to the beauty in the painting, moving beauty


      When the brush fades, what remains is eternal beauty; When the pen is gone, what remains unchanged is a united heart; The juxtaposed lotus that looks out of the water draws water from one lotus and absorbs yang from the other.



      六年級的點面結合作文 篇7


      A chopstick is easy to break, but a chopstick is not so easy. As long as we work together, we will be invincible,


      In the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, buildings fell and our strong hearts stood. Because we are heart to heart, we are not afraid to face all this together! When the news of the earthquake spread, a number of rescue teams came to the disaster area. Some of them are organized spontaneously, not for any honor, but because - we are all Chinese! We are all descendants of the Yellow Emperor! Under the ruins are Chinese people! This is not covered by bricks and rubble. The blood flowing on us is like the river of China.


      When the miracle of life happens, we don't care how much we have lost, but silently thank God. Death did not take away the lives of strong Chinese people. Maybe he was moved by us. We prayed and hoped thousands of miles away from the disaster area. The song of unity plays at this time!


      I wonder if you still remember the East China flood in 1991. In May and June of that year, the flowers were blooming. But the flood caused many people to lose their homes. In China, 18 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government were all invaded by floods. Our most lovely soldiers use their own flesh and blood to resist the flood. They did their duty and fought bravely against the flood. They are the most respectable. We are also longing for miracles and praying that our compatriots can live in peace. The song of unity plays at this time!

      2008年8月8日,我們盼了7年。當它來臨時,我們流下激動的淚水 ,因為我們為此真的付出太多太多了,有著太多的汗水,有著太多的艱辛,終于這場家門口的奧運會開幕了!我們不忘那年申奧成功的那聲歡呼,當煙花一步步地邁向鳥巢時,我們的心為之所動,想想,這正是我們所作出的一份份努力。

      On August 8, 2008, we looked forward to it for seven years. When it came, we shed tears of excitement, because we really paid too much, had too much sweat, had too much hardship, and finally the Olympic Games at home opened! We will not forget the cheers of the successful bid for the Olympic Games that year. When the fireworks step by step towards the Bird's Nest, our hearts were moved by it. Think about it, this is just our effort.


      On the sports ground, we cheer for our athletes, shout, cheer! come on. We are proud of you! The song of unity plays at this time!


      Unite, we march forward bravely; Together, we overcome all difficulties; Together, we create miracles; Unite, we are Chinese! A harmonious society needs unity!

      六年級的點面結合作文 篇8


      He is not a loner, but he is not a very easy person to get along with. I often can't communicate well with my classmates, let alone get along with them. I think I will live many more years to reach this level. Unexpectedly, this autumn outing helped me learn to unite and become one with other students.


      My difficulty lies in that I can easily keep a distance from other people because of the little things I care about. This distance makes those who want to approach me slowly retreat, and those who do not want to approach me disappear. There are often misunderstandings in communication with classmates. It seems that what I say makes others listen to alien language. I don't know whether I'm really from an alien or they can't understand my earthly language. People say that a person doesn't like you, which may be the reason for that person. Many people don't like you, so you have to think about your own reasons. But I thought about the reason why I would make others dislike me. It was all the reason why I became me. I didn't want to change anymore. I became a person who was not easy to get along with.


      This autumn outing was organized by the head teacher in order to relax my nerves and let us have a chance to communicate. I didn't want to communicate too much, but I still didn't want to participate together. During the autumn outing, we were led by our teacher to play a game, which was divided into two groups. Each group should go to the nearby grass to pick up enough pinecones in the limited time. When the time came, we would see which group had more pinecones and which group would win. The group I was in was composed of students I didn't know much about. I thought I would not talk to them, but just went to look for pinecones. Unexpectedly, the students in our group didn't care if I was easy to get along with. They just assigned everyone the task of looking for pinecones on an equal basis. In the process of looking for pinecones, they would call each other. You tell me, I tell you, the students in our group have returned to the teacher with their bags full of fruits a little while before the deadline.


      As soon as the time was up, our group had already picked up more than half of the pinecones of the other group when the teacher could observe them with the naked eye. Our group won. The students in our group applauded each other. At this moment, I knew that I, a difficult person, also learned to be united. In the future activities, I will also apply the unity I have learned to achieve the goal of a team without touching the point of getting along deeply.













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