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      難忘師恩作文600字 篇1


      I go to No. 1 Primary School. I'm in the fourth grade now. My teacher in charge of the class in Grade One or Grade Two is Miss Yang. There is a word "Xiang" in her name, so we call her Miss Xiang Xiang.


      Xiangxiang is the first teacher since I was in primary school. She is gentle and beautiful in my mind, but also serious, serious and careful. In learning, Xiangxiang teacher gave students a lot of encouragement and made a lot of efforts.


      I remember when I was in the second grade, I was very eager to get a pen. Xiangxiang encouraged me to participate in the hard pen calligraphy competition. Under the careful guidance of Xiangxiang, I redoubled my efforts to practice calligraphy and made rapid progress in writing in a short time. Finally, I got the pens for the first time, which realized my little wish.


      I am a little timid. I dare not speak and my voice is small. Xiangxiang asked the students to give a speech five minutes before class to exercise our courage. I carefully prepared the content of the speech, but I was still nervous. On the other hand, I was confident that I could speak well. When I got on the stage, although I was a little nervous, I calmed down and began to make a speech. During the speech, I also designed the award-winning contest with ingenuity. I also gave small gifts to students who answered the right questions and answered the questions. After that, Xiangxiang said to me, "Yafei's speech today is great, loud, lively and interesting. I like it!" I can't say how happy I am. Since then, I have dared to speak on the stage.

      香香老師也非常關注同學們在體育方面的進步 ,鼓勵同學們都參與到體育運動和比賽中,磨練自己的體格和品質。一年級時我跑步不怎么快我就當臺下的啦啦隊,到了二年級我的骨骼成長了,跑步變快了。我參加了立定跳遠,得了第七名,差一點就上名次了。

      Xiangxiang also pays close attention to the students' progress in sports and encourages them to participate in sports and competitions to hone their physique and quality. When I was in the first grade, I didn't run very fast, so I became a cheerleader. When I was in the second grade, my bones grew and my running became faster. I took part in the standing long jump, and got the seventh place, almost on the spot.


      Xiangxiang teacher in my growth process, such as spring rain, moistened my young heart. I would also like to dedicate a short poem to Xiangxiang: "Teacher, you are like an engineer of the human soul, shaping talents for the construction of the new century. If you do not have your sweet spring like nourishment, where will the country's pillar talents come from?"

      師恩難忘作文 篇2


      Fashion teacher He


      Zhang Zihan


      Our campus life is like a book, and every teacher is the beautiful protagonist of the wonderful story in the book.



      緣,讓我們相識在金色的九月,夢,使我們相聚在同一個班級。我們的校 www.1mi.net 園生活就像一個五彩繽紛的花海,而老師就是那一朵朵美麗的花兒。而我的老師就是那一朵時尚的花兒。

      Fate, let us meet in the golden September, the dream, so that we get together in the same class. Our school WWW.1MI NET garden life is like a colorful sea of flowers, and the teacher is the beautiful flowers one after another. My teacher is that fashionable flower.


      My Chinese teacher is very fashionable. She followed the trend very much. The Chinese teacher's long straight hair was like a waterfall, but now it has become a big wave, like the waves in the sea. She changed her clothes every day for 365 days, all kinds of things, and occasionally applied lipstick. On that day, it was not very hot. The Chinese teacher put on a skirt. It was very beautiful, like a fairy.


      She is not only fashionable in dress, but also fashionable in the way we write our compositions. Every time before writing a composition, she would do some activities. For example, reading exchange meetings, debates, speech contests, etc. After finishing these activities, we will be asked to write a composition. Tell us more about her personal experience, so that we seem to be in the scene, and sometimes tell jokes to everyone, making everyone laugh. Her composition class students are always engrossed and attentive, and all students listen with interest.


      Her prizes are also very fashionable. It's also a keychain, a postcard, and extracurricular books. After each activity, she will give the participants a star film with the teacher's seal and name on it. Sometimes a pen will be issued, which is even more special. The pen is customized by the teacher himself, "for learning God", "for learning bully, let's make friends"... stationery stores can't buy it, it is more fashionable than other pens.


      The teacher is like a book, each book is different, and my Chinese teacher is the most fashionable book, the most beautiful protagonist in that book.

      難忘師恩話題作文 篇3


      I am about to graduate from primary school. When I recall my six years of primary school life, many unforgettable things come to mind. But there is one person that I still remember. That's our math teacher, Mr. Chen.


      Mr. Chen is about 30 years old, tall and thin. She has long black hair, a pair of bright eyes on her face, and a pair of eloquent mouth under her high nose. Teacher Chen is strict and kind in class, which shows her love for us.


      I remember one time, Mr. Chen was giving us a lecture with great interest, and the students also actively cooperated with the teacher. The atmosphere was very active. At this time, Mr. Chen noticed that a classmate was making small movements and warned him with sharp eyes. But the student didn't find out and did even better. Mr. Chen hit him with a piece of chalk angrily, and then he responded. Old Chen walked to him with a straight face. The previous intimacy has disappeared and become so serious. Mr. Chen knocked the table with a stick and criticized: "Be careful in class! Don't move around there. You don't listen to us in class and can't learn any knowledge. It's no use making up any more after class..." It can be seen that Mr. Chen has high requirements for our study and teaching is very strict.


      Although Miss Chen is strict in class, she is also kind sometimes.


      Once again, we encountered a difficult problem, so we went to consult Mr. Chen. After listening to this, Mr. Chen patiently explained it to us without saying anything. His kindness to us is rare in the class. Just like his mother, he teaches us carefully and makes people feel comfortable. We listened carefully and knew how to do this problem. Later, Mr. Chen praised us as good students who love learning. From this incident, I feel that Mr. Chen likes learning children and hates lazy classmates. She hopes that we can study hard and achieve something.


      Ah, Miss Chen! You are like a gardener, carefully cultivating the flowers of our motherland. You are really a good teacher! You make me unforgettable!

      難忘師恩作文 篇4


      Who is still busy for us at night? Who treats us like children? He is our most beloved teacher!


      The first time I heard the word "teacher" was when I entered the kindergarten. I knew that the teacher was the person who led us to play games and accompanied us to play. At that time, I thought that all teachers were like this. Gradually, I found that teachers know so many things that I don't know, they seem to be omnipotent, and I have this understanding in my heart: teacher - it's amazing!


      On the platform, beside the desk, the cold comes and the heat goes, and I sprinkle some painstaking efforts.


      Watering flowers, cultivating peaches and plums, making spring and autumn fruitful, and devoting one piece of sincerity.


      Teachers, conscientiously impart knowledge, and sprinkle his energy on the platform.


      Teacher, like our parents, he takes care of us in every way.


      A teacher is a piece of chalk, sacrificing himself and writing hope; A teacher is like a candle, burning himself and illuminating others.


      Teachers play so many different roles in our lives: like mothers, they always pay attention to our growth; Like friends, always listen to us; When I am happy, they smile more brightly than I do. When I cry, their hands timely wipe away my tears and comfort my injured soul.


      Teacher, your teaching to us moistens our hearts like spring rain; We have your support at every step of our life. Every achievement we have made has condensed your efforts. We will repay your selfless efforts with outstanding achievements.


      There is a spirit called dedication, and there is a quality of selflessness, which is the portrayal of teachers.


      I am determined: When I grow up, I will also become you, continue to follow the path you have taken, like you, dedicate myself, and harvest a piece of hope for the future!

      難忘師恩話題作文 篇5


      In the six years of primary school, I had many teachers. But the teacher Ma, the head teacher of grade six in primary school, is the most unforgettable.


      Teacher Ma not only taught me to read and write, but also taught me the truth of life. Not long ago, after an English class, all the students went out to practice. At this time, I saw my classmate Geng Ga slowly collecting the scientific report book. An idea flashed through my mind: I walked up to him, pretended to talk to him, and pushed him when he wasn't paying attention. He stumbled and fell on another student. Suddenly, Gengga became angry and pushed me back. But at that moment, something unexpected happened: I bumped into the glass door, only to hear the glass "crash" down. Geng Ga and I were dumbfounded when we saw this scene. No one expected that such a trivial move would lead to such serious consequences. At this time, Mr. Ma came. I think: It's over. It's over. Teacher Ma had no time to care about the debris on the ground and came straight to me. When he saw me, he asked with concern, "How is it? Did you get hurt?" "No." Later, Mr. Ma came to me and said to me sincerely: "My son, remember that no matter what happens in the future, you should always remember 'safety first'. This time, even if the glass is all broken, you can't let him hurt yourself! If the glass is broken, you can be safe again; if someone is injured, it is too late to say anything. It is still not too late to mend the wounds." Mr. Ma's short words soothed my injured soul and gave me comfort.


      Mr. Ma's care and help to me in life is more meticulous. I remember when the sixth grade started, Mr. Ma asked each class leader to mop the floor in turn. This day, it's my turn, but I can't drag it clean. At this time, Teacher Ma whispered in my ear: "Silly boy, I haven't done any housework at home, have you? Mopping the floor doesn't make it wet, it's to mop it like this..." Teacher Ma demonstrated while saying. When Mr. Ma saw that I had achieved something, he smiled with understanding.


      Mr. Ma, if you say I am a flower, you are a green leaf, who will hold me up and accept the baptism of the sun; If I were an eagle, you would be an eagle, feeding me. Thank you, Mr. Ma!

      難忘師恩話題作文 篇6


      In the sixth year of primary school, I met several teachers, but the most unforgettable one was the Chinese teacher who taught me the sixth grade - Shi Hongjuan. Every time in class, she always walks into the classroom with a smile. Whenever I see her kind smiling face, I think of it as a beautiful flower. Only the flowers will wither, but Mr. Shi's. The smiling face will never disappear, and her kindness to my teaching is unforgettable.


      Remember the first class of Grade 6, which is Chinese. Teacher Shi walked into the classroom with a beaming face. She introduced herself first, and then began the first lesson: "We love you, China!", I remember the content as follows: "When the bright sun jumps out of the blue waves of the East China Sea, Pamirs..." The teacher read aloud in a vivid voice. Then the teacher asked me, "Shen Xiaoyan, there is Longjing tea in the book. Do you know what tea there is in China?" In fact, this question is very simple, I understand, but I can't remember when I am nervous. At this time, Mr. Shi smiled and said to me, "Don't be nervous. It doesn't matter if you answer wrong." Somehow I remembered. Under the guidance of Teacher Shi, I learned a lot of knowledge.


      I was deeply impressed by Miss Shi's smile and amiability, and I was even more impressed by her kindness.

      記得那次評“三好生” ,我落選了。放學后,我默默地走出教室,竟忍不住哭了起來。這時施老師看見了,她笑著對我說:“怎么了,嘴上掛油瓶了?”我忍不住笑了。施老師語重心長地說:“同時,你沒選上不要氣餒。你沒被選上,也說明你有不足的地方,你應該取長補短……”我記住了施老師對我說的話。從此,我便奮發向上,終于各方面取得令我滿意的成績。

      I remember that I lost the election for the "Three Good Students". After school, I walked out of the classroom silently and couldn't help crying. At this time, Teacher Shi saw me. She smiled and said to me, "What's wrong? An oil bottle is hanging on her mouth?" I couldn't help laughing. Teacher Shi said earnestly: "At the same time, don't be discouraged if you are not elected. If you are not elected, it also shows that you have shortcomings. You should learn from each other..." I remember what Teacher Shi said to me. Since then, I have worked hard and finally achieved satisfactory results in all aspects.


      It takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to grow people. Teacher Shi, you have set an example with your words and deeds. A thousand words and one sentence: the silkworms will be exhausted when they die, and the wax torches will not dry until they become ashes and tears. Mr. Shi, I will never forget your kindness.

      難忘師恩作文 篇7


      My head teacher is Xing Xia. Our head teacher is very amiable and respectful, sometimes very strict, and sometimes very humorous. I remember that the photos of our freshmen in the first grade of primary school were taken by Mr. Xing for us. All the students in our class liked Mr. Xing very much. Mr. Xing often said, "Students, you should study hard when you need to learn, and play happily when you need to play." I don't know why, my mother also said that. Sometimes, Mr. Xing looked at our expressions and said, "If the mountain is not high, the immortal will be engraved. If the water is not deep, the dragon will be spiritual. If you don't pay more attention to the key points, you can." It may be that Mr. Xing said this sentence a little too often. Some students in our class thought it was also a famous saying.


      Another time, Mr. Xing taught us some clever ways to use computers, so I asked Mr. Xing a question, that is, when typing a log, what should we do if it can accidentally become a rewriting mode? So Mr. Xing told me how to remove the rewriting mode. From this point of view, Mr. Xing is very amiable and respectable.


      Teacher Xing is also very humorous. This is because when we participated in school activities, teacher Xing talked and laughed, and once the snow on the playground was very thick, so teacher Xing took out a Chinese class to let us play with snow happily under the building, so teacher Xing was also very humorous.


      Of course, Mr. Xing is also strict and caring. One time, Mr. Xing kicked a plastic bucket into pieces because of his anger. Another time, Mr. Xing sent me a book called "I am Lang Lang" and a calligraphy practice book.


      This is our head teacher.













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