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      When you do something that affects others, will you be spanked by your family?How does it feel like being spanking?The following is the composition of the composition of the spanking of the buttocks for everyone.



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      I have 3 brothers, but they have not hit me. I want to make my brother hit me. Every day I get angry with my brother. The elder brother is angry and I look at him.As soon as I cried, I was on fire, and said, "You know how to cry all day, what else can you do!" I was afraid, and I cried hard. As soon as the elder brother saw me crying, he was scared: "BrotherWrong, I'm sorry !! "


      I am really speechless ... I want my second brother to beat me, and my second brother does not hit me. He also said, "I will never hit my sister." As long as he is angry, he will only scold me one or twoSentence, don't ask anything.Alas ... Why is it so difficult to hit me !! I just have the third brother. I know that my brother is afraid of me crying, but I really can't cry, so I hit the third brother to hit me, but he still hit me, but he stillIf you don't hit me, I can't help it anymore.My brother asked me, "Why do he hit me?" I said I wanted, there was nothing.He said, "I won't hit my sister, I will protect you forever." I still cried, and the third brother cried again when I saw me, and he said, "Don't cry anymore.! "I saw that my brother was going to hit me, and I cried hard. My brother couldn't stand it, so he hugged me and said," Let you not listen to my brother! "Why not hit me?IntersectionThe third brother is reluctant to hit me !! Oh ... the three brothers who loved me are really happy!



      The dad who usually loves my dad actually hit my ass today. I yelled in the pain, and my dad was not showing mercy. All of this had to blame the abominable mop.


      In the morning, Dad suddenly brought a very strange baby. It was very beautiful. He heard that Dad said it was a very old porcelain, which was passed down from the Qing Dynasty. It was very precious.


      I looked at this very beautiful porcelain, and I was full of curiosity, so I was about to observe it after finishing my homework. Dad put the porcelain in a very high place to avoid being broken.the goal of.I moved a stool and took it down. When I was happy, I did not expect that the mop next to the side was not put down. It happened to fall in my place.With the sound of the dad's mouth, the precious porcelain in the mouth was fell into fragments. The dad who heard the sound rushed out of the room. When he saw this scene, Dad's eyes emerged instantly, and the sky was turning between the sky., My butt was beaten by my dad like a crushed porcelain, which became seventy -eight.


      Dad, I'm wrong, don't hit me anymore.



      Since I was a child, I have been a good baby. I have done my homework carefully and completed the homework arranged by the teacher, but I have some bad memories. Obviously I have forgotten to do it the next day, but the teacher likes to be in class again.When I call the text, every time I arrive at this time, I am always very nervous, and my palms are always sweating. Fortunately, the teacher has not ordered me, but the lucky goddess has not been on me.


      On this day, the teacher asked us to memorize the sentence again, and we asked us to memorize all the teachers in the get out of class. After the teacher announced, he hurried away and left a classmate of the signs. What can I do?I ca n’t remember what to do at that time. Some of the slumped students were remembered by the classmates next to me. When I saw them so hard, I was a little unwilling to show weakness ...


      "Okay, I named it below, and I wrote to the podium to write the sentence I said." The teacher said on the podium righteous, and the atmosphere in the classroom suddenly became quiet, as if he had heard a while all of them heard it.Seeing that my heart kept drumming and jumped to my throat.I won't be called to me this time! The thoughts in my heart flashed, and the sound of the teacher read my name in my ears was really good. The bad ones really came.


      I walked up nervously, and I hope that the teacher asked me to write a little simply, walked to the podium, and set my eyes to the teacher. I saw her saying, "You wrote the first sentence of the second one on the blackboard. "At that time, I was panicked, and I just forgot to remember it just now.


      So I pretended to be there to delay time.After a while, I suddenly heard such a sentence: "You turn around!" I turned around, who knew that the teacher grabbed me and hit my ass heavy, and a heartbreaking heart was uploaded on my buttocks.Pain.


      I immediately felt that the summer sun was shining hotly on me.Although I didn't cry at the time, my heart was severely hit.


      Since the incident, I have hated her in particular, because she hurt my self -esteem.But it is different now because I became the captain of the school.I think she must be guilty!



      Recently, I was obsessed with the Internet. I thought that I would not be discovered by our teacher, so I had the following scene.


      "_, You come here" I saw me from far over there, and then played her lion roar kung fu and called me still here.


      "Hello, hello!" I asked the teacher with the positive scriptures of the classic classics. "You come in" the teacher signaled me to enter the office.


      "The sound is like a hint," Is it? "The sound rose another decibel.


      "Do you remember what you promised to me a few days ago?"


      "Also ... remember, remember,"


      "Repeat it yourself,"


      "If I am on the Internet, I am willing to be punished," I regret that I felt very regretful.


      "That being the case, you know how to do it." The teacher took the ruler and waited for my next action.


      Seeing this teacher, I had to lie honestly and wait for the teacher's "Dajian skills".


      "It's time to clean up you today. It's almost junior high school, and it's always online?" Then, he slammed on my ass.Then, there was a slap slamming slap again.After about 100 times, I cried.The teacher said, "The teacher is for you, right?" "Yes." "I will find that you do n’t study well in the future. I will take off your pants on the Internet!" Woohoo ...




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      The teacher pressed my waist with her hand that was corroded by the chalk for many years and walked to the side. She waved the rattan in her hand. Without the preparation of my preparation, she fell down, and a red red on the buttocks immediately appeared on the buttocks.Seal, Papa Papa Papapa ...


      I do n’t know how much I was beaten. I endured tears and did n’t let it flow down. After quietly, I looked back at the unlucky butt, which has become purple and black.In the past, I took out a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao from the cabinet and said, "It must be painful, I just want you to know that if you have no culture in the future, this is the end." I turned my head and gently rubbed the medicine on my buttockI howling, quietly, I can help you.I can feel a pair of big hands sliding on my ass, but I can't feel the pain. I paint medicine and feel that it doesn't hurt so much.


      Quietly said, "You have no father from an early age, is it easy for your mother to pull you alone? Did you play games at this junction? Can you hurt her again? You can be happy all day because you have a one you have a one.Many people do n’t have a good grade. "When I heard this, my heart seemed to overthrow the five -flavored bottle, which was very unwilling.Quietly said, "Go back and think about it yourself, your life is here."



      It was a Tuesday afternoon. After school, I agreed with several male and female classmates to go to KTV to "taste fresh".In the case of my parents completely unaware, I lied and took 100 yuan from them. I lied that the fee was paid. I always had a good girl at home.Lying, I gave me 100 yuan directly, and I went to the appointment.


      When we arrived at KTV, we danced in a mess, sang a few words, and thought: It turned out that KTV was nothing! Then we went home.


      When I arrived at the door of my house, I felt that the atmosphere was wrong. My mother was not at home. My father sat on the sofa and smoked on the sofa. When I saw me coming in, I said to me angrily, "Go to the bedroom and wait." The wrong kitten arrived in the bedroom. After a while, Dad came in with a wooden board in his hand. He asked me to take off my pants. I was so scared that there was no blood on my face, and it became red after a while. I begged my father not to punish me. I realized the mistake. Dad obviously didn't want to hear resistance, and said gently: "Honestly, otherwise you will take you to the balcony!" I saw a tragic ending, obediently took off my pants and lay on the bed. "The underwear has also taken off!" The father's stern voice rang again. I stumped off the panties that had been covered with my buttocks, lying on the bed and waiting for the intimate contact with the buttocks with the board. As a 13 -year -old girl, her butt has developed very full. My father didn't seem to be satisfied. He asked me to separate my legs, frog -like, and raised her buttocks. I did it one by one. After a while, a pair of big hands had been hit on the buttocks, and the white buttocks became red, and they hadn't slowed down, and another palm was shot again. I didn't expect it to be so painful. The two pets seemed to be separated. I hurriedly pleaded: "Dad, I know wrong, don't fight." In the place, you still lie to cheat money. You are getting more and more unknown. Honestly, hit you 50 palms, otherwise double it! See you are usually very good, but I do n’t expect that my buttocks are so bad! "I burst into tears, I do n’t know to say What, after surviving the blow of 50 palms, Dad took out the wooden board again, and 20 panels passed. My buttocks were average. Dad went on to start. The butt to red from white, like blood -stained white flowers. If you think about it, although I am not fat, the buttocks are smooth and full, which is really suitable for beating.


      All the punishment passed, I thought everything was over, and I talked hard: "Dad, want to fight casually, at most, you can't wear pants for a few days." Dad was so angry that he took a rubbing board and put it in the corridor.Let me kneel on it, my boss was reluctant, because there was a male classmate and a female classmate living in our building, and they were lost when they saw my face.In the end, Dad didn't do this. He said calmly and to me, and I accepted it, because I knew he was good for me, and I did wrong.I will never lie anymore in the future, and I shouldn't go!




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      One day, the Chinese paper was released. I saw that a red 78, my mother's requirement for me was 100 points. I always tested the first in the class, but this time it was the penultimate.


      After school, the head teacher pulled me into the office, "Zhang Jingyi! You have the penultimate test this time! I am looking for your parents!" I thought, what, parents, did that just want my life?When the teachers in the office were gone, at this time, her mother came, and she said angrily, "Go home with me!"


      After returning home, my mother said to me, "Take off my pants and underwear!" I didn't move. My mother forcibly pulled out my pants and pulled me to the balcony. I thought she had at most. But my mother went there, "No! It's a family law!" It seems that I have escaped this time. Mom said, "You were still young before, now you have grown up, the use of the family!" Mom pointed at the bench and said to me, "Let me down! Put your ass!" I had to lie down obediently There, the buttocks were high, and my family's family method was made of good bamboo with good bamboo. It hurts to spanking buttocks. "You know the rules of our family, 100 points, one less point, 2 times, a total of 44 times." I haven't reacted it yet, and the ruler fell on my small buttocks, wow! I called, I got up, I am up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, I get up, me The cry, disturbing the neighbor next door, Wang Yitong, he was my deadly opponent, and I looked like this, let him see, ashamed. 44 finally finished, my mother said, "It's not over yet." My mother pulled me to the living room and said, "The pants are not allowed to mention it, stand in the corner for 1 hour, reflect on, move, but the butt is 10 times." The classmates watched my butt penalty station in the window. I don't know.


      That lesson made my scores full of scores almost every time, but how could I go to school the next day?



      I am often spanking, not being beaten by my mother and dad, but by my sister. My sister is a very fierce person. I often treat me as her gangue when I am unhappy.As soon as I got out of school, my sister showed her demon nature while my father and mother had not returned.


      "Tian Tian, come here, I have something to give you" my sister at this time seems to be the wolf grandmother in a fairy tale. After cheating me, I ate me into my stomach, but the consequences are miserable, so I can only be afraid ofThe "big gray wolf" was close to the end of the "big gray wolf", and the "big gray wolf" opened: "Tian Tian, did you enter my room a few days ago?" How dare I!It will appear in my room. "My sister took out a very familiar tea cup. Oh, this was not the last time I went to her room to forget the cup that I took back." This ... this ... I accidentally forgot to forget it."I was afraid that as soon as I finished speaking, the" Big Gray Wolf "would open its blood basin to swallow me into my stomach.


      "Forget it, I will let you go this time, I will pay attention next time." It was already ready to accept her fat. I did not expect that my sister was so easy to let me go. Today the sun came out of the west side.?The other villain in his heart said, "That's not good, hurry up!", Right, while my sister hadn't regretted it, I ran to the room with a smoke.A corner glance at the sister who was outside, and saw that she was watching TV and laughed.


      This time I finally reassured, and my ass finally didn't suffer.



      It was a second grade.That day, I hurried to the class with my schoolbag and just sat down in my seat, and saw that everyone was holding mathematics's "Oral" assignment to prepare to submit homework.I asked at the same table strangely: Why do you do this job?I didn't look at me at the same table at the same table: "Didn't you have this homework last night? Are you confused?" I looked at the corner of the blackboard carefully, saying: "Oral Abacus" homework, two pages of the homework.EssenceOops! I blame me that I walked too hurriedly after school yesterday. I didn't take care of this assignment. I was going to make it when I was. My job book was still a large blank. What can I do?I started to do it in a hurry, but the progress was very slow. In a hurry, I borrowed the assignment at the same table and copied the answer quickly.Just after copying the last question, the classing bell rang. I hurriedly handed the homework book and took a long breath. Finally, I was confused.


      The second quarter is mathematics lessons. The teacher seems to have not aware of anything. Continue lectures, which makes me relieved a lot, thinking that this matter is not known by the teacher. But after the ringing bell rang, the teacher said to me coldly, "Nan Nan, come to my office." I was tight in my heart, and it was finished. I lowered my head and came to the office. I saw that the math teacher took the job and took a heavy pat on the table, scolding: You look! I glanced at the workbook on the table timidly, almost all of them were bright red. Fork, and this handwriting seems to have known each other, is this my homework book? How can you be so wrong? My mathematics score at the table is great! I am stunned. The math teacher asked me severely: What is going on, your math is also good, how can you do it? I stared at the two -page work paper full of the big fork, and suddenly found that my third question was empty. Starting from this question, the following is all wrong. It turned out to copy the topic, why am I so unlucky! I want to cry without tears. "I am very angry about this matter. I have told your parents. You go back to class first." The teacher didn't care about me after speaking. I walked out of the office and thought all the way: Parents? My father and mother are working in Canada. There is only a 9 -year -old sister in the family. Could it be that she knows this? Will I die miserable? I have taught her power.


      Finally, I was boiled out of school. I took a heavy step back home, and my sister was sitting on the sofa watching TV.I looked at her iron -green face, and it was not wonderful that the situation was not good. She didn't dare to squeak, but just leaned on the door in fear."Let's talk about it, what's going on." My sister didn't look at me, but just said so lightly."I ... I forgot to do the same homework yesterday. I asked a copy of the same table in the morning, but I copied the title, and that's it." I replied.My sister still didn't get angry, and looked up at me and said: If you are willing to stand there, you will stand up. When you want to understand, come to me."After speaking, he got up and walked into her own room.


      I leaned on the door, and my legs were numb, but I still didn't dare to find my sister because I was afraid of beating. After standing for about three hours, I couldn't help it, so I had to walk slowly to my sister's room. Pushing the door, seeing her sitting on the bed and watching the newspaper, and screamed weakly: "Sister." "Well? Want to understand?" She put down the newspaper and asked me. "Well." I whispered. "Then do you know what to do?" My sister asked me silently. "Play." "Where do you, say it yourself." "Come here, take off your pants and lie on my leg." Sister's sentence has no emotional colors, it's really terrible, oh ... I obediently pulled all the pants to the knees, bare buttocks bare buttocks bare buttocks Lying on his sister's leg. Before I started playing, I was cold on my buttocks, and I was scared to sobbing. The sister didn't speak, and picked up the toy bear next to me, and beaten towards my ass. "Ah !!! Woohoo ~ It hurts" Although the man has no tears, I still can't help crying. "Papapa!" It turned out that the toy bear hit the buttocks very painful, and my butt was painful immediately. "Sister ~ Wow ~ Don't fight, it hurts!" I started twisting my body and protecting her ass with my hands. "Pop!" He fell on my hand heavy, and I immediately retracted my hand.


      The sister simply threw away the toy bear and raised her slap and hit my ass fiercely. She hit it very much and was obviously angry."Wow ~~ Sister ~ I'm wrong ~" I cried so much that I wiped tears with my hands.My sister may be soft -hearted and stopped, but I still reprimanded me severely: you can copy your homework at the age of 8. What should I do in the future?"I listened silently and wiped my tears hard." Okay, Nan Nan, good, my sister will not fight, and I will not be allowed to hear such a thing in the future? ""At this time, my sister's tone was calm and gentle." Well."I quickly agreed, and worked hard to look at my naked buttocks. I have been beaten as a pink close to light red, and there are a few clear handprints." Put the pants up, go to the two pages of work heavy work heavy operations.Do it again and check me."My sister touched my head and said.


      I sat in front of the desk and did my homework, and suddenly tears fell on the homework book. I understood that my sister loved me, even in this way.Since then, I have never copied my homework again.






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