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      [Popular] Childhood Fun Five Grade Fifth Topic Compilation 5 Articles


      In learning, work, and even life, everyone has come into contact with composition. Writing is an important means to cultivate people's observation, association, imagination, thinking, and memory.How can I avoid stepping on the mine?The following is 5 fifth grade compositions compiled by Xiaobian's childhood. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

      童年的趣事五年級作文 篇1


      How beautiful and nostalgia is full of immature and happy childhood!That past thing is like the stars of the sky always flashed in my heart.


      When I was six years old, I did a "stupid thing" at home.


      That day, I saw many children playing with their parents on TV, and they were very happy.This made me feel excited.


      I ran to my dad, "Dad, how about we come to catch and seek?" Dad didn't care about me; I went to tell her that she would accompany me to play and seek.This time, my mother didn't care about me, but just said absently to me, "Oh, go to hide." The innocent I thought the jokes that my mother said casually, and hurried to hide.He smiled while running, "Mom, come to me! Hey." Later, I hid behind my room's door and quietly waiting for my parents to come to me.


      After ten minutes of hiding, I wanted to give up, and I wanted to rush out of the door and asked my parents: "Why don't you come to me? Say good to play with it?" But I still believe that they will come to me to me.Yes, I kept hiding.But I hid until dinner time, and my stomach was hungry.Like a little rabbit druming in his stomach.Suddenly, I heard my mother's footsteps, and instantly stretched out.When my mother saw me squeak, she seduced me with a "food plan" and said, "Hey, don't want to eat again if you don't come out." Mom is really effective because I can't stand the food in this food.The temptation, the moment my mother finished speaking, I "rushed" from behind the door and scared my mother.Mom said, "You are hiding here!"


      Subsequently, my "Hide -Hidden Games" ended.


      In childhood, I really want to have you again!

      童年的趣事五年級作文 篇2


      What is childhood?Childhood is a colorful windmill, and childhood is a gorgeous shell. For me, childhood is an unforgettable memory.


      I remember when I was five years old, on a sunny Sunday, my mother and I went to the market and found that there were a large group of people gathered on the roadside, and I was curiously.It turned out that there was a person selling chicks, and the golden chicken was screaming, and the fluffy was so cute.I beg my mother to buy me one, but my mother said, "No, it takes a few dollars, it's too expensive!"


      On the way home, I suddenly thought of one thing: Didn't the chicken hatch out?Can I hatch a chick like a hen too?So I ran away immediately.


      After getting home, I took a few eggs from the refrigerator, put them on the mat, and sat on the eggs and started incubating.At this time, my mother came back and saw me sitting strangely on the cushion, and asked, "What are you doing?" I said happily: "What about incubating chicks?"Don't mention how happy it is in my heart.


      Mom laughed: "Stupid child, how can you hatch a chick?" I didn't believe it, got up and found that the egg had already been crushed by me.


      This is my childhood interesting thing. This incident is deeply imprinted in my mind, leaving me with good memories.

      童年的趣事五年級作文 篇3


      Every time I feel that my father is very ruthless to me and my mother at home, but he is very enthusiastic about treating others. Sometimes I really don’t understand why my father does this, and sometimes I suspect that I am not that I am notHis biological daughter, so in my memory, my father's image is very bad. Every time I don't want to care about my father, let alone go to him to talk about it.This sentence is not right at all. I even more agreed that my daughter was the enemy of his father's previous life. In my impression, my father did not like to laugh, and often ignored me. He was busy with his work every day and never cared about me.So I always ask my mother how to see him at the beginning, but my mother always said to me with a smile that my father was also a young man who loved to laugh. He had many childhood fun things, but I did n’t know.After my mother told me that my father was young, I really understood him, and no longer thought he was a cold and ruthless person.


      Father often play with his innocent friends to play in a variety of places. He never afraid of his parents' discipline and danger of outside, because his father is a courageous person. My mother told me that the most memorable of my father was to catch crabs with those partners. They were not convinced that they planned to catch a lot. The feet showed a vigorous run into the water. Those water was cold and cool on their little feet. The stream was not deep. It's really unspeakable. They all began to turn the stones one by one to find a crab to catch it and catch the meal. The father searched carefully there, not with those partners, because they were afraid of causing contradictions. After all, this is the game. Who is who is the game? I will grab it when I see it, so my father was looking for it alone. After a while, he caught a lot. The father laughed at them and said that they scared me to come here and let me take a cheap. Everyone After listening, I felt very happy, and no one was unhappy.


      After grabbing home, my father was greedy, could not stand the aroma of crabs, and he caught himself. He should eat it first, so his father quickly took one up and ate it.I was discovered by my partners, so I accidentally burned my hair in the panic. I caught the crab to eat crab to eat crabs that day, and I laughed all day.Talking about some things that crabs encountered, deliberately scaring everyone, so that everyone was tired and fell asleep unknowingly.After listening to my mother told me about my father's childhood, I suddenly found that my father did not like to laugh, nor wasn't it so ruthless, but because of the pressure of life, he never cared about it in his childhood.I laughed, my father was actually very gentle, but I didn't find it.

      童年的趣事五年級作文 篇4


      Childhood, like a book, records many beautiful moments; childhood, like a stream, has an endless song; childhood, like a charming little poem, reads the aftertaste.


      I remember when I was 7 years old, Dad went to me to buy a cute mud doll for me: with its long eyelashes, big eyes, tall nose, cherry mouth, pink face, and purple flower skirt wearing purple flower skirtsThe more you look, the more you like it, and make me love it.I hold it to sleep every night.


      One day, I saw a black point on its white and tender face, so I remembered that whenever I was dirty, my mother would take a bath for me, so I also wanted to take a bath for it.


      I took it to the bathroom, put water in the small basin, tried the water temperature, and then put it in the small basin.I said, "Don't be afraid, it's clean after taking a shower." At first, I poured it with my hands, and muttered in my mouth: "Rain, rain!"The body is dirty.I remembered that my mother would rub a shower gel when I took a bath, so I squeezed a little and rubbed it.But after rubbing for a while, it was dark on its face and body.I thought: It must be too small.So I used my milk to rub, but its body was no longer the same, and his face was beyond recognition.


      At this time, my mother came over and laughed: "Silly child! The mud doll can't wash it, the smaller the more you wash!" So my mother and I laughed.


      My childhood gradually left me, but these interesting things in my childhood made me unforgettable.

      童年的趣事五年級作文 篇5


      Childhood is like a beautiful and colorful dream; like a bird soaring in the sky; like a tree with many fruits.It is full of happiness and joy, and it becomes a beautiful river, let me take out the sweetest river water from here, and let you experience the joy in it with me.


      I have particularly liked to eat watermelon since I was a child, but only summer is the season for eating watermelon, so I like summer very much.


      I remember when I was three or four years old, the sun was hung in the air like a fireball high, and it kept roasting the large land. The willow tree on the street seemed to be ill, and the branches were too lazy to move, and it was too delicate.The tree knew on the branches desperately shouting, as if he was saying, "It's hot, it's hot ..."


      I just woke up, and sweat was soaked in my clothes. It's so hot!Dad just came back from the outside. I saw a large watermelon in his hand. I seemed to eat the sweet watermelon of cool ice, and the saliva was going to flow into a river.I bounced from the bed and couldn't wait to rush to my father.I held my dad's leg and coquettish him: "Dad, I want to eat big watermelon!" Dad gave me half a big watermelon, because I was still small and couldn't hold the big watermelon, so my dad helped me hold the watermelon to the sofaGive me a spoon and let me eat on the sofa.I did n’t leave watermelon. My dad smiled at a glance. Dad ’s smile was not because I ate the skin, but because I became a“ red ”person. The watermelon juice was soaked in my clothes and sofas.Suddenly, the family watched me cry and laughed, and my mother could only hold me to take a bath.


      Autumn passes, winter has passed, summer is here, and watermelon can be eaten again, but childhood is gone.I won't do it anymore at home, but I miss my childhood life!Miss a fun childhood!













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