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      Puppy explained six articles


      In studying, work, and life, everyone must have been in contact with composition. The composition is composed of text. After consideration of human thoughts, it is used to express a stylistic style through language organization.I believe that many friends are very distressed by writing. The following is 6 puppies compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. It is for reference only. I hope to help everyone.

      小狗說明文作文 篇1


      Our family has a black and white puppy, which is called Coke.Since I first saw it out of the nest with a small head, I felt that it was a lively puppy.


      Coke's eyes are watery, big, like black grapes.It has a triangular nose and is fat.Although it is fat, it does not affect the speed of its running.Its four short legs run quickly, like a sportsman.


      Coke is very greedy.Once, I went home from school, and my stomach was hungry. I picked up a chicken leg and was about to eat.His eyes staring at the chicken leg in my hand.Looking at Coca -Cola, I had to give the chicken leg to Cola.His Ranlai walked happily, but my afternoon meal was gone.


      Cola is still very playful. It often floats outside for a day and go home at night.


      Coke is not only playful, but also naughty.Once, when I was playing the game, when I was playing, I "slapped", the computer turned off, and I looked at the computer in a dumbfounded computer. I thought: Too fierce, and the power was stopped again.After a while, I found out that the socket was dropped, and I inserted it again.After a while, a small velvet drilled out of the table, and I was startled.The cola is used to pull the wire and pull it out."You are naughty!" I said while catching Coca -Cola.


      This is my puppy Coca -Cola, a little guy who is both greedy and playful, and checked.

      小狗說明文作文 篇2


      It is a very common animal.It is lively, clever, cute.Those who see it can't help but touch its soft hair.


      Everyone may think that dogs are not humans, but it is always so well -behaved and honest, and never cause people to cause trouble.But why don't my parents buy a dog?So after I observed carefully, I finally knew that the dog was not perfect.It has such "bad problems": such as love to urinate anytime, bite things, and scare them loudly when you see children, and it is hair loss.If people who have raised dogs in the house must know that no matter where they go, the hair will fall; when people eat, if it goes over, the hair will fly in the sky.hair.This may be one of the reasons why my parents don't like dogs.


      However, the dog still has its cute side.Don't look at it every time you go out, you will yell at you, and shake your tail while shaking hard, as if you are resisting you.In that case, you understand it wrong. In fact, this is letting you play with it!If it is happy, it is gentle and gentle than anyone else.It will use your body to pinch your legs, and then stretch your neck to let you scratch it.If it is unhappy, no matter how persuasion it is, it ignores it.


      When I love the puppy's full moon, I have a pseudo bone and a plastic duck, all of which are its favorite toys.Every time, as soon as it goes out to play, it loves rolling in the mud and wrestling.It is naughty, the wool of its snow mountain becomes gray. Whoever sees it will be laughed by its funny movements.


      Hey, I really hope my parents buy me a puppy!However, it was my original idea.Now, I feel that as long as I study hard, I buy a puppy after growing up, so that the retired parents can support them, which can accompany them and make this family happier.It's really two birds with one stone!

      小狗說明文作文 篇3


      My family has a white puppy. We name it Xiaobai. It has a pair of bright gem eyes. There is a small and exquisite mouth under the red nose.It's old, like a noble son, very cute.


      It is very obedient, no matter what we call it, it will complete it immediately.When our socks fell, we asked it to pick it up, and it immediately took our mouths to hold our socks to us.That day, we went up the mountain to play, and it followed up. We just cared for it and couldn't control it, so we told it to go home. Although it was a little unwilling, it still executed our order home.


      It is not only obedient, but also very good memory. Once I went to school with my sister, and suddenly found that Xiaobai also followed us. In the trash can, a plastic bag is also covered with a plastic bag, and we get out of school. When we get out of school, we go to the trash can, prepare to hold it home, see, where can there be its shadow!Is it taken away by others?Still tears in the eyes, I do n’t know what to do. I really regret the decision in the morning. With the mood of tears, they are speechless, and they are almost home. Suddenly, "Wang Wang!"From then on, I have never left it outside.


      It is also very naughty. We put the shoes under the stairs, and it took the shoes up with our mouths. When we got home, we saw that there were shoes.Looking at it, but it smiled stupidly at me, hey!There is no way to take it.This is my puppy and my sister and my sister. How about?Cute, do you like it?

      小狗說明文作文 篇4


      The summer sun hangs on the sky like a fireball. My hot head sweats, but the puppy hides in a cool place and spit my tongue.


      I am strange, thinking: Why does the puppy speak tongue?Later, I found the answer in the book.It turned out that we were sweating through the sweat glands on the surface of the body, so we sweat.The dog's sweat glands grow on the tongue, so it can only radiate calories through the tongue.I am really happy and I know new knowledge again.

      小狗說明文作文 篇5


      My family has a cute puppy, and I name it called Dot.


      One day, I would like to feed a little after eating. I just put the rice in front of a little bit. My sister came. I was talking to her. I was a little bit meal and I finished eating it in less than a few seconds.


      It is fun, and I let go of my hand, and it will lick my hand.After more than a month, I went home and looked at my hand on the ground.I ran in front, and I would surpass me.Sometimes when I was unhappy, I asked my grandmother to let go to play with me.Sometimes when you see other puppies, you will run over to play with them, and sometimes you run away at once. When you go home to eat, you will run back by yourself.


      As soon as I approached it, it would shake the tail vigorously. It stroked me with a tail, and it dumped it gently with the tail. I felt itchy.When I stretched my hand over, I would gently lick my hand. I feel that I am very cute and love meat. When I see the meat, I hurried to run, and I couldn't wait to eat it.


      I think it's cute.Do you like it?

      小狗說明文作文 篇6


      Because it looks very cute and beautiful, everyone calls it beautiful.Meimei has snow -white hair, with sharp and small ears, small eyes with bright eyes, and one mouth will show the sharp, small, small eyes with a pair of bright eyes, a one -year, one with a pair of bright eyes, one with a pair of bright eyes.Opening your mouth, a few sharp teeth will be exposed. Its hair on its tail is particularly much, and it is particularly large. It often curls and looks like a furry ball!Grandma Yin's house raised a puppy and had a few sharp teeth. Its hair on its tail was particularly much, and it was very large. It often curled up and looked like a furry ball!


      The United States is very polite to the owner.Whenever the owner returns home, Meimei will call a few "Wang Wang", as if saying, "Master, hello!" Sometimes it still uses his body to pinch your legs.I even stand up at once, two front paws with each other, and make a cricket for Grandma Yin, causing the owner to laugh.


      Meimei is very highly sanitary, never urinating everywhere.If it wants to urinate, it always goes to the specified place.Whenever Grandma Yin takes a bath, it performs very well, obedient, not screaming, nor jumping. As soon as she arrives at night, Meimei obediently returns to her dog house and sleeps.

        美美的食量 很小很小,每天只吃一頓飯。它最喜歡吃豬肝、雞肝和飯一慢慢地細細地嚼著??诟闪司腿ヒ慌院人?,吃飽了,喝足了。就在院子里和其它小狗一起追逐、打鬧。玩累了,跑回家里一下就跳到殷奶奶的懷里。殷奶奶緊緊地抱著它,一邊撫摸著它的毛,一邊說:“美美真乖,真乖?!?/p>

      Meimei's food is very small, only one meal a day.It likes to eat pork liver, chicken liver and rice slowly.After drying, go to drink water, eat full, drink enough.Just chase and make trouble with other puppies in the yard.Tired of playing, jumped to Grandma Yin's arms at home.Grandma Yin hugged it tightly, while stroking its hair, he said, "Beautiful and good, really good."


      Its house, the house made by tree vines in summer. When it comes in winter, I bought it a large pineapple house, which was paved with a thick quilt, which was warm.It will feel extremely warm when sleeping, and it will be "Wang Wang", as if saying, "Thank you, the master, thank you!" This is the cute and beautiful puppy beauty!


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