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      [Recommendation] Four articles of imagination composition


      Whether in school or in society, everyone must be familiar with composition. Through compositions, we can gather our scattered thoughts to gather together.I believe that many people will find it difficult to write composition. Below is 4 imagination composition compiled by everyone, I hope to help everyone.

      想像作文 篇1


      In the 29th century, during the military exercise, a day of the laser warrior, suddenly, a gorgeous wind rolled away all the players of the laser warrior.I don't know how long it is, maybe 10,000 years, maybe a thousand years.No one knows how long, and no one knows what century it is.


      Ke Wu, a member of the laser warrior, appeared in a forest.All his weapons are on him, but his comrades are no longer around him.This is already late at night, and I can't hear any sound.It is no wonder that sleeping is the era of dinosaurs, Bai Yanji.Occasionally, I heard a few wolf -like wolf's cry, which made Kuwu be sleeping.Ke Wu slowly walked in the forest, without any bird calls, gloomy.Suddenly, a pair of eyes appeared in front of Ke Wu's eyes.The eyes were shining, and it could be said to be a street light in the forest.Ke Wu raised a laser gun to be ready to fight at any time.But when I walked in, it was his companion.Everyone called that person 9.With a partner, Ke Wu was more confident to find others.9 Looking at Kowu, there seems to be something.

        過了一會兒9說:我在來到這個世界的時候,沒有發現任何生物存留的痕跡。難道這里連恐龍都沒有? 科武說:不可能的事情,除了現在地球還沒有出生。 科武開玩笑的說。9說:現在沒有時間和你開玩笑,我們現在我們在那里都不知道呢!他們兩個聽到了一個聲音,好像是蛇吐舌頭的聲音??莆鋲蚜藟涯懽?,是用高科技產品微型手電筒,一照。我的天??!這竟然是一條九頭只蛇。9有點害怕地說:這東西的頭有點像人頭。 科武說:廢話!難道我就沒有眼睛么?

      After a while, 9 said: When I came to this world, I didn't find any traces of the living creature.Isn't there even dinosaurs here?Ke Wu said: Impossible, except that the earth is not born now.Ke Wu said jokingly.9 said: There is no time to joke with you now, we don't know there now we we don't know!The two of them heard a sound, as if the sound of snake tongue peging.Kewu strongly boldly stood up, using high -tech products micro -flashlight, one photo.My goodness!This turned out to be a nine -headed snake.9 A little scared to say: The head of this thing is a bit like a human head.Ke Wu said: Nonsense!Do I have no eyes?


      Ke Wu took a few steps back and fired with his laser gun.But the snake was very flexible and could not be shot at all.Later, the laser factors in Kewu's laser gun were used up (the laser factor is our current bullet).After finishing, Kewu called.At this time, the Yan of the Yan tribe did not know where the power came from, and quickly picked up his laser gun.Aiming and launch.The laser is like a silk thread through the snake's body.


      In the next few days, Kewu and 9 have always used leaves as the leaves.On the next day, 9 people entered the forest. Under the trees of the sky, they saw the aquariums of the aquarium 7, the grass 8, the supernongs of the superpower, 5, the 4 of the electric clan, and the 3 of the rock tribe.They met a crisis, but they all overcome it.


      Aquarium's 7, Grass 8, 6, super energy tribe 6, fighting family 5, electricity of the electrical family 4, rock tribe 3 and Kewu and 9 to prepare and the final disaster star nine -tailed fox to fight a special battle.Suddenly, what's going on with the compass of the 5th fighter's 5,


      A gust of wind hit, and the world returned to peace again.And what about laser warrior?They stay in ancient times forever.

      想像作文 篇2


      It was a winter. After school that day, I walked alone on the way home. After a field, I watched a small tree in the distance blowing away in the distance.The leaves were bald.I think it must be dead.In the spring, after school, I still walked on that road, or saw the small tree, but it was already "Wusi Liang".It has continued life through its own stubborn hard work.


      Only through your own stubborn hard work will it succeed.

      想像作文 篇3


      I am a blue pen called "Guru".This name was given by my director.Sometimes, my little master is closely related to me, and every day is inseparable, and I use my homework to write homework.However, I am naughty and like to go out to play by myself. I still have to find me.When I was hungry, the little owner also knew to feed me ink. As long as I opened me and pinched it three times, I was almost full.On my sky blue pen, there is a hat. This hat often covers the sun for me so that my head is not dry.There are colorful patterns on my body, horizontal, vertical, and look good.There is a bear on my hat, eating sweet watermelon.I look good and very durable.


      The little owner has used me for nearly two years, and I haven't broken it yet.In the two years, the young and medium -sized owners often use me to write practice, do homework, and practice pen characters. Sometimes they are also used to draw, which is very closely related to me.But I hope that the little owner will not let me contact the more sharp things and paint it randomly.When I see that I have caused a bad environment, I will be sad.

      想像作文 篇4


      My name is a pen. I have a big belly, which is filled with ink.My body is very hard and is installed in a beautiful shell.There is a princess on the pink coat, the beautiful Princess Belle.


      I originally lived in the stationery store. One day, a beautiful little girl came to the stationery store to buy me back home, and I had a new destination -stationery bag.Every night, the little owner will insert my little mouth into the ink bottle, "Obe, bar," suck the ink.With a "bubble", my belly was filled with sufficient ink. The owner put on my clothes and covered me a hat, and then put me into the stationery bag.I thought to myself: It seems that I am going to spend the night again.


      Although I do n’t want to be put in the stationery bag, I can accompany my new owner every day and make many good friends. I am also very happy.


      The next day, the little owner picked up me and wrote many beautiful words. I was very proud. When I heard the teacher praise the little owner, I had an indescribable excitement in my heart.


      This is me -an inconspicuous pen, but how much useful I have done!I am proud of what I do.


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