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      About eight articles in the information world composition


      In the usual study, work, and life, everyone is indispensable to contact Composition . Compositions are speech activities that people express their expressions in writing.Do you know how to write composition?The following is 8 articles collected by Xiaobian for everyone to enter the information world composition. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.

      走進信息世界作文 篇1


      In the past two weeks, we carried out a comprehensive study "Entering the information world".We live in a world of information.The amount of social information is getting larger and larger, and people's ways to obtain information are getting wider and wider.Through learning, I benefited a lot, so let me talk about my gains with you!


      First of all, we have learned the largest version of the largest version -information transmission changes our lives.Then, we learned "information and write simple research reports" again.More importantly, we also learned the basic methods of writing research reports.I wrote a research report on the investigation of the classmates of this class.


      In the study of this unit, I am most impressed by the learning of the first section.Among them, what I am most interested in is the speech .The inspiration I received is: Don't be buried by the inaccessible traps of the Internet.The article tells that a senior high school student died unfortunately when playing games in an Internet cafe. The student died of heart disease due to excessive excitement.As the saying goes, "Good medicine is good for the disease, and loyalty to the ears. I hope everyone will also inspire. In order to grasp our own life, we must say goodbye to Internet cafes. In short, we cannot be slavered by it and give ourselves a blue sky!

        這次 綜合性學習雖然結束了,不過以后我們還要注意搜集信息,不斷提高解決問題的能力。

      Although this comprehensive learning is over, we must pay attention to collecting information in the future and continuously improve the ability to solve problems.

      走進信息世界作文 篇2


      Hello everyone, my name is Li Minghao. I am a smart and lovely little boy. He is nine years old this year and is in the third grade in Longgang.I have a pair of pushing eyes, a small mouth, and a dark and bright hair.I am a little boy who likes to move his mind.


      I remember that on the five -year -old birthday, my mother gave me a hi sheep doll and saw the beautiful sheep sheep doll. I was curious and fiddled hard.Really strange? Hi Yangyang dolls can sing, I was busy asking my mother what was going on.Mom said, "Son, let go of the happy sheep doll yourself to study it!" I found the knife to open a look at the hi sheep doll, and found that there was a music box that could sing in the stomach of the hi sheep doll.I can sing how good the bleeding songs, and I found this secret, very happy.My mother said, "Son, you are awesome!"


      Another time, after I saw the knowledge that people couldn't sink in the dead sea from the book, I did an interesting small experiment: I put the raw eggs in the cup of water and found that the eggs sank;Then, I kept salting and stirring to the cup. When the salt was dissolved, the eggs slowly floated up and hung in the water.


      Look, I am worthy of being a little boy who starts your brain!

      走進信息世界作文 篇3


      Today's society is already an era of information. It is always affecting our lives and let us live in a world of information.


      Since there is QQ, the distance between people has become closer, which can not only enhance friendship, but also know new friends at home and abroad.I remember when I was a child, I had a good friend. We often play together and learn together.But one day.Her parents are going abroad.I want to chat with her!Now, with QQ, I have time to talk to her and talk to her.I don't feel bored again.


      Let's talk about Taobao shop! When there is no Taobao store, people are busy squeezing the vegetable market every day. I remember that my mother took me to the vegetable market. Noisy, screaming, sounds. "This is so expensive. Boss, isn't it cheap?" When I heard it, I knew that my mother was bargaining. I looked around and found that many people like mothers and wanted to be cheaper. Every time we buy good dishes and come home, we have been sweating. Since there is a Taobao store, my mother can enjoy the fun of not going out, and I don't have to go out to buy food "sins". Whenever my mother was eunuching her favorite product, she would be happy and danced, and put a gesture of "Y". Every year, the "Double Eleven" festival, the mother will open the crazy grabbing mode, and grab the products at all. According to statistics, There are 1.3 billion people in China, at least half of them are shopping on the day of "Double Eleven". YELLOW; "> The current turnover is as high as 50 billion yuan.


      Today's society has used information to travel, and more and more high -tech products come to China, I believe China. Technology will definitely get the moreCome and develop!


      People's lives are getting better and better.

      走進信息世界作文 篇4


      On Friday night, after I wrote my homework, I quickly walked to the computer to turn on the computer, ready to contact my father working in Xinjiang on QQ.


      I click on my QQ and use the mouse to click Dad's avatar.Dad was waiting for me. Dad asked me, "Wenwen, how do you learn?" I replied, "OK." Dad asked about the situation in my house again, and I answered them one by one.I said to my mother, "Dad said he miss you, let me take good care of you!" "Do you miss him?" I asked again.Mom said, "Think! Let's look with my dad?" I nodded.


      Dad has already made the video, just wait for me! I talked to my dad for a while.I quickly showed my dad to my dad I painted recently, and my dad said, "Yes!" I said, "Dad, I should sleep, you and your mother said!" Mom said, "Don't you want Dad?Don't say it? "I said," Well, let's talk about it! "I thought about it: What should I show my father? Hey! See my little pet" Little Bean Gear "to my dad!


      I walked to the cage of "Little Bean Gear", picked up the cage and ran to the computer desk to show my father! Oh! "Little Bean Gear" is actually the green parrot I raised.Dad said, "Wow, so cute!" I said happily: "Mom bought it for me, I went to sleep first, goodbye!"


      The Internet is really interesting. It can help us find information, but also help me contact my father who work hard in his hometown. It is a magical good thing!

      走進信息世界作文 篇5


      With the continuous development of the information society, the acquisition, processing and application capabilities of information have attracted more and more attention.The information technology course, as a combination of knowledge and skill, has gradually received much attention.


      Today, the lives of modern people are inseparable from the Internet. There are almost no computers in all walks of life. Therefore, in the scope of students' learning, information technology has also become an indispensable learning project.Information technology provides a bridge for our exploration of the unknown world. Now as long as there is a network, there are any doubts to initiate help on the Internet and seek help globally. This is a huge resource library.As the so -called "more powerful people", things you do n’t understand, others may be proficient, and the Internet saves many time for people, and it can also promote people's communication.


      With the development of science and technology and the popularization of scientific and technological applications, in the process of education and teaching, the introduction and application of modern information technology and realizing teaching content have become an important way of education.It is believed that students should learn to use modern electronic computer network communication and other technologies to master the required information, and can process information, transmit information, and use information technology to bring the convenience brought by people.In addition, information technology helps to promote education informatization, promote education reform, and help optimize the teaching process.


      However, the information on the Internet is uneven. To maintain the environment of the Internet, everyone needs to work hard to create a good online platform. This is a problem of personal information literacy. Everyone should be a legal citizen in the information age.The network should be a platform for our lifelong learning.

      走進信息世界作文 篇6


      Until one day, my father told me happily: "Our computer is going online!" I waited for this opportunity with excitement and went online.


      It was nine o'clock in the morning, and I successfully entered the international Internet after simple operation.The Internet covers the world and has powerful functions. However, after all, I am the first contact with the Internet.


      I tried to click "Zhongqing Online".Three seconds later, the content, catalog, and news that I have never seen on the screen. Online news not only has fast information transmission, but also involves a wide range. It is omnipotent at home and abroad.


      Because I was eager to know other content on the Internet, I quickly turned off "Zhongqing Online", click "Weifang Information Port", and chat on this Internet.Dad told me that the chat room on the Internet was lively.I have never chatted online. With curious mood, I entered the "Smile" to my "Chat" and entered the chat room smoothly.On the screen, the chatter smiled with various expressions, such as "smiling", "smiling" and so on.Maybe I'm not very eye -catching. After waiting for a long time, no one chatted with me.Helpless, I had to take the initiative to "talk" with others: "'Lonely", chat? "After a few seconds, the miracle happened-" Lonely "gave me a friendly question:" What about talking?"I was in a strong spirit, and quickly answered:" Let's talk about your learning. "This sentence has just been" sent ", and I feel like I care about it.


      Who is the "lonely person", I do n’t know, how do you know that he or her is a student? In my patient waiting, the "lonely person" finally answered me.He said that he had worked, "I am tired of going to work now, and I miss the life of my student."He asked me where to go to school, and after getting the answer, I sincerely sent me a song "I will win if I love it."Although I didn't hear his song in my own ears, the politeness, tolerance, and the sincere encouragement of me for the first time made me moved.I did not hesitate to make netizens with the "loneliness". Although we have never seen each other, we talk very speculative. The conversation is short, but it is the friendship I established with others for the first time.


      The first time I went online to make me get a lot of knowledge, but I increased my knowledge. At least I understood what was "surfing the Internet". What's more valuable is that I got friendship and was encouraged from the words in the Internet."Love fighting will win", which has always inspired me to work hard and make progress in my studies! I think, in the future, I will get more teachings.

      走進信息世界作文 篇7


      With the development of science and technology, our communication equipment is getting more and more developed. Now there are telephones and computers ... This Sunday I was sending e -mail to my classmates. Grandma came in and said, "What are you doing in Chenchen?" "I am electronic. "


      "What is an email?" Grandma asked curiously."This is the message that the computer is sent to another person through this information. It is very convenient." "Oh, there is this now! I can only write a letter that year, let alone the computer.","


      "I remember that I had to tell the good news to Huzhou's friends before, and I wrote a letter. After five, I got the news of my friend in six days. Now that the technology has developed a few seconds, I can hear the news of the other party’s news.. "Grandpa also came over and said," I didn't even have a letter that year, and I didn't want to tell a friend from Zhenxi to my house to drink.Wet a large piece, hey, if you want to let them come to my house, you don't even need to ask the house. Just make a call. Now technology is really developed! "


      After listening to Grandpa, my grandma went out and saw that everyone was using a mobile phone on the street, and even the other party had to make a phone call in a room at home.At this time, I really felt that with the passage of time, technology has been developing to make people feel more important to tools and bring people convenience.

      走進信息世界作文 篇8


      Standing on the horizon of the new century, we are ushered in a brand new Internet era.


      Back to the development of human civilization, if it is said that iron has opened the moisturizing soil of agricultural civilization, and it is a train that affects industrial civilization. So today, it is the Internet that the Internet has pushed us on the tide of information civilization.


      The network is no longer just a symbol of new technologies. Like any revolutionary invention and creation, it has become a huge force to promote social development and create miracles.From the moment it was born, the political, economic, and life aspects of our entire society have inevitably changed.


      The opportunities brought by the Internet to the new era are unprecedented.E -commerce has been considered a new engine of world economic growth, and Internet commerce has become a political reasons for the continuous prosperity of the US economy.Social wealth has accumulated rapidly, new and old industries accelerate the integration, digital technology has made rapid progress, human life is changing with each passing day ... This requires us to not lose the opportunity, seize opportunities, and bravely face challenges.


      The impact of the Internet on the old days has never been seen. Its impact is not only unexpected by the practitioner, but also makes the theorists look stretched.Traditional economics is facing amendments. The old competition rules are becoming disintegrating. The social structure of pyramid -like is facing challenges. The geopolitical national sovereign concept is being tested ... This requires us to plan ahead, study carefully, and cope with it.


      Faced with the advent of the Internet era, countries around the world have moved, setting off the online "land movement".This movement is likely to determine the position and role of all countries in the new world in the future.Those competitors who are not fast enough can only follow the buttocks of others to accept the rules of the game formulated by others to pay for each late information and outdated products.


      Maybe you think that the development of the Internet is just a thing that the country should consider. For many people who are still working hard, it has nothing to do with itching, and it is not important. In fact, it is not.If it is said that in the industrial era, the people were divided into "production classes" and "proletarian", or "information rich" and "information poor people" for whether they had capital.Therefore, some people say that the 21st century "the poor are not online", which is by no means alarmist.


      Today, a sparse -dense online century style has landed in China, and it is hovering at all corners of our social life at a dazzling speed.Therefore, as a middle school student in the early 21st century, he should seize the opportunity, seize the present, and create the future, and become the tide of the new century.


      This week, under the leadership of the head teacher and teacher, we learned the comprehensive study of "walking into the information world", which made me understand: the information is ubiquitous, whether in the class or outside the class, it isThere is information.


      In the classroom, the teacher taught us knowledge, which is information; on campus, listening to the school leadership speech, this is information; outside the class, watching TV, surfing the Internet, and talking to friends, this is also information ...


      As early as 2,700 years ago, our ancestors invented several ways to pass information -beacon.Beacon, commonly known as "wolf smoke", is a tool for burning with dung dung as fuel, which is mainly used to transmit military conditions.Another way -the post is poor, the message transmitted is very accurate.In modern times, science is even more developed.In the 1830s, Moos invented the telegram.Later, Bell invented the phone, which made the information pass faster.In 1984, with the birth of the first multi -coal -body electronic computer, people set foot on the "information highway" in 1993.Today, the rapid development of computers will update a generation almost every ten years, allowing people to pass on information can be faster and convenient.


      The 21st century is the information world that allows us to learn good knowledge and create a beautiful tomorrow


      Smoke lingering, dream -like feeling ... that is the world of color: purple butterfly wings and dance, overflowing the fragrance, light, soft; ripples, rippling crystal rain, spirit, clear;The Yuhui passed through the cicada wings, crossed the purple crystal hole, cut through the silence, and flashed the seven -color rainbow. These were explored from the wonderful and beautiful world of light.


      Light can be divided into visible light and irreversible light.Let's talk about visible light first.


      We only saw the colorful and beautiful world, and the light made us see the beautiful and gorgeous meteor. Meteor is an instant spark, and only light can let us see. Not only does light give us visual enjoyment, but also many applications in life. Green plants can use light for photosynthesis to promote plant growth; when we walk on the road at night, moonlight can light up for us; solar stoves can use sunlight to cook water; whenever people sweat, they will use solar water heaters to bathe. Medical light also reflects its role: when the doctor in the hospital performs surgery, it operates under the light without shadow lamps; the otologist wore a mirror when checking the ear canal for the patient and gathered the light in the ear canal. Under the rapid development of science and technology today, light has been widely used, such as: use lasers for ranging, accurate, optical fiber communication, laser surgery; use of navigation lamps can be navigated for ships and airplanes. In fact, our ancients are also good at using light, such as: Mozi and his students have done the earliest small hole imaging experiments in the world; our ancients used ice lenses to take fire to the sun.


      There are also invisible light, such as: infrared, ultraviolet rays, X -rays, etc.What applications do you see?Infrared rays can be remotely controlled for us, using infrared rays can perform satellite remote sensing photos, and use infrared night vision instruments to see the activities of enemies under the dark night; ultraviolet rays can sterilize and disinfect us, such as frequent exposure of quilt and "black light" ultraviolet rays emitted by "black light".You can seduce pests; babies can expose the sun to make the skin produce vitamin D; and X -rays can perform human perspective ...


      If there is no light in this world, we will not know that there are so many uses.If there is no light in this world, we will always live in a dreamy world of darkness and color.If there is no light in this world, we will not be able to appreciate the flowers and ten colors, and we can't see the gorgeous lights on the stage ...


      But light is not Belly and no harm.Our excessive irradiation in the sun for a long time will be very susceptible to skin diseases.Strong light is easy to damage vision, such as: the light during electrician welding, it has great harm to the eyes of people.The glass installed on the buildings in the city is prone to strong reflection.It is easy to cause a variety of light pollution.At night, strong light affects people's sleep, and can even change the rhythm of creatures.


      In summary, we can see that "light" has advantages and disadvantages.We should avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses, and use the advantages of light to avoid its disadvantages.


      In the bright world, the user stays in a row.The colorful life is endless.And "light" is so magical and beautiful.Let's enjoy the beautiful scenery of this world.


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